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Many years from now, in the vastness of space...

AIF is a science fiction role playing game which takes place about 3000 years into our future. Human beings have met countless species, and with them, have explored and colonized a space encompassing over three galaxies. Technology has expanded such that no corner of reality is unexplorable, or unexploitable. Societies range from the truly utopian, to horrible despots that wage war on an inconceivable level. It is a setting where science is beginning to pry into the deepest recesses of time, space, and existence...

...and adventure is the best reason for living.


Characters - The definitions and creation of beings.
Species - The classification and description of common being ilks.
Occupations - The kinds of skills and abilities available.
Gear - Materialistic and functional considerations.
Combat - The application of skills and abilities in conflict.
Ships - Conveyances, and their interwoven ramifications.
History - Lies we tell instead of what really happened.
Miscellaneous - Odds and Ends that don't classify well.
Technobabble - Explanations and extrapolations.

What's New?

The C.O.G. engine has been on the back burner for the time being as we wrangle with some twists on some classic AIF stories.

Having spent so much time world-building for role-playing games, it is likely that we have some expertise on the topic of dystopian settings. Because it's not like there's a lot of excuses for the kind of intense action our RPG is geared for in settings that are sane, and based in fundamental principles of civilization and mostly abide by the rule of law. The thing that usually lends a sense of separation from our imagined settings and real life is how ridiculous some of the pivotal transformations would have to be.

Let's just say that those ridiculous transformations seem less separate than we might like these days.

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