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StrengthSubnormal (0) - Average (3)
SpeedLow (2) - Fast (6)
AgilityClumsy (1) - Acrobatic (6)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Average (3)
Maneuverability1 to 4 (swimming)
Hand to Hand+1
Size1.5 - 2 m., 50 - 100 kg.

Anurians are an interestingly diverse species. They are not strictly warm blooded or cold blooded as their body temperature varies depending on their activity. They also vary from quadruped to biped. Some are only capable of standing while stationary, while others find it awkward to move using all four of their limbs. Some have tails, while others do not.

More amazing than their diverse physiology is the bizarre contradiction of their brains. For all intents and purposes, even the most intelligent members of the species are only of average intelligence compared to other beings. However, in strange contrast to this is the fact that every Anurian has a perfect photographic memory. Why these people would develop such an amazing ability for recall without being able to really use it is a mystery that remains unsolved. It is often used as a clear example of the nasty sense of humour that nature seems to posess.

Most Anurians are truly amphibious, capable of extracting free oxygen from water. All Anurians are excellent swimmers. When not underwater, they require a quite humid climate to survive. Their hairless skin is porous and moist when healthy, but dries out easily when water is scarce. Though most of the species do not posess much physical power overall, many individuals are gifted with an impressive ability to jump. These individuals have remarkably powerful hind legs, of hypernormal (7) strength.

Their voices are quite deep and throaty.