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Blasters are the most common type of armament, primarily due to their combination of simplicity, power and ruggedness. All standard variations have an exceptionally wide range of physical appearance. The discharge medium for all normal blasters is photonic bound by a magnetic containment shell. High-amplitude photons are generated by the standard microfusion power supply.


  • Effective Range: 670 m
  • Accurate Range (1-handed): 90
  • Accurate Range (2-handed): 220
  • Armour Rating: Normal
  • Mass: Typically 2 - 5 kg
  • Stamina: 5


  • Widestroke: Cost x 2, Accurate and Effective Range reduced to 20 m, +3 to hit, 1-3 targets in close proximity.
  • Adjustable Widestroke: Cost x 4, can switch between regular and widestroke modes.
  • Increased Force (aka WUMP): Cost x 5, Force x 4
  • Assault: Cost x Multiplier x 3. Maximum multiplier of x10.

All the above multipliers are cummulative. So an adjustable widestroke, WUMP, x 10 assault weapon would have a x 600 multiplier (4 x 5 x 10 x 3).

  • Increased Stamina: 10 credits to increase to 25 stamina. Cost is not included in the multipliers above.

NST Series

NST 2001D16600
NST 3001D+218700
NST 3601D+220380
NST 4291D+6281100

NST is a series of blasters made by NastiDyne that have become so amazingly popular that they rank as having a special listing all their own.

The NST is generally toughter, with higher damage rating than standard blasters of similar mass. They also have somewhat greater 1-handed range and force. Beyond these general attributes, there are some specific design additions.

The 200, 300, and 360 all have associated silencers that reduce the dischange to a gentle "phut" sound, and use photon with a frequency out of the visible spectrum for most biological beings. This allows for a bonus of +2 to hide - if trying to keep the shots unnoticed.

The 360 has armour-penetrating capability, making it a superb assassin's weapon.

The 429 lacks the silencer, primarily because normal atmosphere shrieks horribly as the 1D+6 blast rips through it. It is a heavy sidearm, useable only by beings with adequate strength because of its significant 1,100 N recoil. The unspoken statement of "I'm here to kick anybody's ass" is conveyed by carrying a 429. Many tales and legends have NST 429s associated with them.

These weapons are designed to be 1 handed. They can be used 2 handed by beings lacking the strength to use them 1 handed, but they can't be used with the sharp shooter's aiming ability.

Legend tells of a 600 NST Blaster, but none are available for sale.


  • Effective Range: 700 m
  • Accurate Range: 120 m
  • Armour Rating: 360 - Penetrating, Others - Normal
  • Mass: 1 - 1.5 kg
  • Stamina: 10
  • Armour: 20