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Stamina 2+
Strength High (4) - Hypernormal (7)
Speed Subnormal (0) - Exceptional (5)
Agility Subnormal (0) - High (4)
Intelligence Simple (1) - Exceptional (5)
Will Power +1
Size 1 - 1.5 m., 30 - 65 kg.
Skill Adjustment +1

Caracoe are small, stout bipeds. While conforming to the common bipedal frame, they have evolved a distinctly different internal structure. Unlike most beings, they do not have a mouth, and can only take in nutrients through hollow, retractable fangs located on the insides of their wrists. They do not have stomachs or intestines - what they eat goes directly into their blood stream. Their blood contains extremely powerful enzymes that are used to break down biological fluids they ingest.

They are omnivores, able to digest both plant and animal fluids. In their central body cavity, they have banks of kidney-like organs that serve to both constantly clean their blood, and to store blood for energy purposes. Their bodies contain many redundant systems. They have a redundant circulatory system, including several minor hearts distributed throughout their bodies. They also have redundant sets of musculature, making them particularly powerful - for their size.

The features most common for Caracoe are bleary, squinty eyes that bulge under heavy brow ridges, and pinched-looking snouts. They are generally hairless, with greenish-gray skin. They also have large splayed feet on their stubby legs.

A Caracoe's main sense is it's extremely sensitive ears, which make up for its poor eyesight. These ears dominate their flat heads. They are shaped as long flexible tubes that can be pointed in directions of interest and can also dilate and constrict to compensate for varying noise levels. Their ears are so large that they are also used to augment their balance.

All Caracoe are mutes, beyond the general grunting and wheezing they can produce through their nostrils. Many who rely on contact with other species have voice-box implants. One Caracoe can communicate with another Caracoe through the means of a telepathy that only works when they touch one another. A group of Caracoe seen together will almost always be touching each other in some way. This telepathy does not usually work with other species. Caracoe can also communicate through a language based on the use of complex hand signals and the clicking together of their fangs.