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StrengthAverage (3) - Strong (6)
SpeedLow (2) - Fast (6)
AgilityClumsy (1) - Low (2)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Exceptional (5)
Hand to Hand+1
Size1.7 - 2.8 m., 70 - 175 kg.

The Coska are a distinct divergence from the Opteryx norm. While most Opteryx are lightweight and of slender build, the Coska are solid and heavy. This is primarily a reflection of an important capability that Coska lack as a variant of Opteryx - they are flightless.

Instead of flying, the physique of a Coska is specialized for running. They have long, powerful legs, and are capable of reaching considerable ground speeds. Even though their arms are as strong as the rest of their body, their shortness and limited movement affect the Coska's overall agility. Thus, they are capable of effective movement only when standing. The arms are positioned forward on their low, ovoid bodies, and are typically folded back along their sides. From the front extends a long, flexible neck ending in their pointed head. The massively muscled legs dominate their appearance, being 1.5 to 2 meters long - making them able to literally step over many species their own mass. They have a variety of plumages that covers most of their body, sometimes leaving parts of their legs, head and neck bare.

To those not familiar with Coska, they would seem to be impaired in terms of manipulating limbs. This is actually quite far from the truth. Though their arms have limited reach and motion, they are also capable of using the long toes of their legs for grasping and lifting. Even their beak, mounted on the long dextrous neck, is useful for manipulation.

The ancient Coska society was primarily nomadic, and has not persisted in any significant form. The Coska achieved status in the society developed by their avain cousins through their fighting ability in confined spaces. When the Opteryx Imperium met the Confederation, the Coska were actually the most capable of the Opteryx at integrating with other species.