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StrengthHigh (4) - Strong (6)
SpeedAverage (3) - Fast (6)
AgilityClumsy (1) - Acrobatic (6)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Exceptional (5)
Size1.5 - 3 m., 120 - 800 kg.
Skill Adjustment-2

The Equidons are a diverse species of fur-covered bipeds. They have a large range in size; from a hefty one hundred and twenty kilograms to an immense eight hundred kilograms. Common features include an elongated head, large snout, wide mouth, upturned ears, and large recessed eyes. Their teeth are wide and flat, used to mulch their primarily vegetarian diet. They all have a fine coat of fur with a shaggy mane of hair from the tops of their heads down their back and ending in a shaggy tail. Their legs end in large hooves and their arms end in somewhat bulky, three-fingered hands.

Evolution on the Equidon home world resulted in dozens of distinct sub-species of Equidon. Globalisation of their culture and the eventual expansion into space resulted in much interbreeding amongst the sub-species and eventually the distinctions between them became blurred. In present day, Equidons can come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. Their fur is by far the most varied, especially in colourings. A large majority of Equidons have a mono-coloured fur, usually a shade of brown, but variants can be almost any colour, with many different patterns, including stripes and spots. Many Equidons have horned growths sprouting from the tops of their heads. These can vary from simple curved back horns, to intricate antlers. The norm is to have either two or none of these growths, but the occasional Equidon has only one in the middle of their head.

Equidons have no species specific cultural traits and can adapt to most societies. They tend to be un-populous as they are slow breeders.