Family Fued

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Setting: AIF

Player: RooK

Referee: Dave

Setting: Some Random City Planet

You are a member of a largish Groten family that owns a sizable manufacturing / shipping business. Your grandparents are the heads of the company and you have numerous siblings, cousins, etc. You are a little bit of an oddball, as most in the family earn stages of leader as soon as they can. Then they can participate in the wealth building apparatus that is the family’s obsession. Nevertheless, you were supported in your interests, even though you’re sure many snickered at you behind your back.

A few months ago, an elder brother warned that things were heating up with a rival company and to be careful. He convinced you to get biologically altered to have a small hidden compartment in one of your legs and then given a blaster to store there. You generally thought he was overreacting but accepted the weapon anyway.

Hostile Takeover

You’re in a café, working on your next mathematician stage when you get a predefined “BUGOUT!” signal on your comm. Of all the codes the family has ready, you weren’t expecting this one. It means a catastrophic event has happened to the family and you should flee until further communication is possible.

Along with the code you get 1000 credits and a ticket on a shuttle that’s leaving the nearby spaceport in 23.9 minutes. You estimate it will take about half that time to get there. There’s also a brief message from your brother – “Hope you survive. If you don’t get contacted again, avenge us.”

A quick scan of news outlets finds reports of your main office building under attack. Your company security seems to have been overwhelmed by a much larger force.

You’re family-wiki seems to have been cut off. And a Reptiloid with a rifle has just entered the café...

Suddenly, being 2.6 meters tall and green, with no stages of combatant, feels like a tactical error.

Clarifying question: what is the law enforcement type on this random city planet? Is combat in public spaces generally ignored, or will it attract the attentions of a policing force?

Answer: Unless it involves assault weapons, explosives, or an attack on government property/personnel, the police won't care.

Game Night 2020-07-29: The Great Escape

  • Hacked Reptiloid's Gun and knocked out with a punch.
    • Disarmed
  • Snuck past hopper outside
  • Geared up.
    • Hopper intercept at equipment store
    • Ramming Speed! Missed.
    • Security robot smashed hopper.
    • Driver negotiated damages while his gun gets hacked.
    • Gun fixed, combat resumes, driver beheaded with a punch.
    • Original Reptiloid exits smashed hopper and tries to flee.
      • Shot, and de-footed.
  • On way to spaceport, had to sneak past a couple of Trops
  • Trops follow to spaceport.
    • Schlager attacks, defeats one and convinces the other to stand down.
  • Vega-Lizard enters spaceport and seems to be looking.
    • Schlager recognizes the Lizard's toughness and flees aboard his ship.
  • Arrives at destination planet.
    • Sneaks past a Takolee.
    • Goes to a Cafe.
    • Hires Pablo - an Aggressor Trainer

Plot Infliction 001: Your death is inevitable

You've got about 15 minutes before Pablo gets there. Going to do anything, or just enjoy your hot cocoa blood?

Schläger is going to assume that he is still a target, and will first review an inventory of café denizens visible and assign them probabilities for being threats. Then he'll upgrade the security protocols on all his gear to his person standards, especially the blaster.

Regular locates are in order. He doesn't care if it makes him look paranoid; anyone with an iota of perception will see that on him anyway.