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StrengthSubnormal (0) - Exceptional (5)
SpeedFast (6) - Hypernormal (7)
AgilityLow (2) - Exceptional (5)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Exceptional (5)
Hand to Hand+1
Size1.4 m. tall, 40 - 55 kg.
Skill Adjustment-3

Felinids are a small, fur-covered race that can function both as bipeds and as quadrupeds. They have very lean, flexible bodies, long tails, and retractable talons on their hands and feet. Their heads consist of sharp binocular eyes, pointed swiveling ears, and a wide mouth with carnivorous teeth. Their fur covers their entire body and can be a variety of lengths and colours.

Felinids are extremely fast. They can run faster than most other species. They have excellent eyesight, especially at night. The only real disadvantages they have are their size and strength, and inability to resist pouncing on "ball-of-string" grenades.

The Felinid race has had a difficult time surviving during it's first few centuries of interstellar travel and colonization. A mellow and relaxed race, they traveled to the stars mainly for curiosity sake. Soon after establishing themselves with a number of colonies, they met their first aliens. The Takolee Armada and the Opteryx Empire discovered them within a few years of each other. Both war-like races, they saw the Felinids as easy prey. It took less than a decade to completely conquer the race. The Felinids were all taken as slaves.

All races in the area were contacted by the Confederation for assistance in the emerging Galactic Wars. The Takolee and Opteryx both joined the Confederation to defend against the invading Sandaraks and Xoids and once the Galactic Wars were won, the Felinids were given their freedom. They are now a prominent species throughout explored space.

Gaming Note: Ok, we admit it! They're cats. Big, furry, personified cats. But let's face it, they make a really cool race to play. Even if you can't help but order a big bowl of milk in the bars...