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StrengthWeak (1) - Strong (6)
SpeedSlow (1) - Fast (6)
AgilityClumsy (1) - Acrobatic (6)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Genius (6)
Size1.5 - 2.5 m., 55 - 125 kg.

A Halamite is a basic biped whose distinguishing features include four joints in every limb and very black skin. Each limb contains one joint that joins the limb to the body, one connecting the hand or foot, and two in-between. This configuration allows a Halamite a broad range of motion. Their skin has the ability to absorb solar energy. The energy absorbed is a supplement to energy gained from their respiratory and digestive systems. They can survive in low light environments but tend to be lethargic and irritable.

The Halamite race evolved on a desert world in a binary star system. The planet had daylight throughout it’s rotation. Obviously, a Halamite prefers hot, sunny climates. They tend to be a nomadic race, rarely staying in one place for too long.

Halamites were discovered in the third galaxy well after the Confederation claimed it as it’s own. Upon contact, the race was just starting to overpopulate it’s home world and embraced the chance to travel to the stars. Their nomadic nature led them to all corners of the third galaxy and to many areas of the first and second galaxies.