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Hand to Hand ability represents a character’s proficiency in hand to hand combat. Hand to hand combat refers to combat involving edged weapons (swords, clubs, etc.) or weaponless combat (fists, claws, feet, etc.). See the Hand to Hand section in Attacking & Ducking

To determine a character’s Hand to Hand ability, roll on the table below and add any species modifiers that may exist. The only way to increase your Hand to Hand ability is through the occupation Guerrilla. However, offensive and defensive bonuses in hand to hand combat may be obtained through the occupations Weapon Specialist, Assassin, Mercenary, and Infantry.

Hand to Hand Roll on 1D6
0 1
1 2-5
2 6

The damage that a character inflicts in hand to hand combat is equal to their hand to hand ability plus any force bonuses the character may have. To determine the force bonus, determine the force the character is able to exert. See Strength. For every 1000 Newtons of force, the character will inflict an additional 1 point of damage with every hit.

Every four points of hand to hand damage you inflict can be converted to a die roll. So a character with a hand to hand ability of 4 with a force bonus of 2 would either inflict 6 points every hit, or 1D+2 (3-8) every hit. How many points you want to convert to dice must be decided every time four points of hand to hand ability is obtained. Once you decide, it is set and cannot be changed afterward.