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StrengthSubnormal (0)
SpeedSlow (1)
AgilityClumsy (1)
IntelligenceExceptional (5) - Hypernormal (7)
Maneuverability0 to 2 (swimming)
Will Power+3
Size2 m. length, 400 - 500 kg.

A Hessler is a large aquatic creature. They are covered in scales and several bony plates. Their hearing underwater is very good and they can smell objects far away with ease. Their eyesight is limited to the lower end of the visible light spectrum, making everything they see a shade of blue. Multiple sets of fins are used to control their movement while a powerful tail provides swimming propulsion. Hesslers use gills for gas exchange but also posses small lungs that they can use to survive out of water for short periods of time. For fine manipulation of objects their tongue has evolved into a muscular multi-digit organ. Sheets and bands of musculature alternate contractions to give incredible dexterity and the surface is riddled with sense organs for fine tuned control.

Hesslers are capable of hypernormal intelligence. Their brain is highly structured and completely dissimilar to the usual bundle of neurons most beings use. A very complex system of hierarchical lobes and folded structures interact and cooperate to make Hesslers one of the smartest races of the galaxies. The brain rests partly in the head and partly in a tough, flexible tube along the spinal column.

Hesslers tend to be very power hungry and excel in the control and direction of others. They are often military strategists, politicians, or leaders of less than honest organizations. Their level of intelligence makes them naturals for leadership positions. When they travel and interact they often use a large armoured 'fish bowl' tank capable of movement and manipulation. They usually have an entourage of servants, attendants and guards.