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Stamina2+ (generally 2 samina / 100 kg initially)
StrengthAverage (3) - Hypernormal (7)
SpeedSlow (1) - Average (3)
AgilityClumsy (1) - High (4)
IntelligenceSubnormal (0) - Average (3)
Size0.5 - 3 m., 10 - 800 kg.
Skill Adjustment+2

Insectizoids include a remarkably large and diverse group of beings. There are two main characteristics that together distinguish a being as an Insectizoid:

  1. A primarily exoskeletal body structure.
  2. Derived from the original genetically engineered stock created by the Confederation for use in the Galactic Wars.

The name "Insectizoid" comes from the general body shape that they have. Features usually include a smallish head, a thorax, an abdomen, and an even number of segmented legs - from 6 to 10, connected to the thorax. They range in mass from the truly puny at 10 kg, to the truly gigantic at 800 kg. They lack in intelligence, largely due to their de-centralized nervous system. Their ‘brain’ consists of a number of ganglia-nodes distributed throughout their body. This makes them somewhat slow thinking, but it also means that they can survive extraordinary head trauma. They possess the capability for great strength. This is done by means of elastic joint covering ligaments, which connect to the outside of the Insectizoid's carapace. By having the muscular actuation not limited to the interior of the exoskeleton, the limbs can exert far greater force about the joints.

When the Insectizoids were created by the Confederation, it was in the midst of a Galactic War with the Xoids. It is quite likely that much of the structural design was developed from the robust Xoids themselves. Nevertheless, despite being effective troops and serving loyally, the resemblance to the Xoids made the meek Insectizoids very unpopular. Perhaps it was for this reason that the Confederation never divulged the information that they had actually created the species. In the several millennia that Insectizoids have existed, their origin was gradually deduced. Still, the bias against Insectizoids is so well ingrained that it persists to modern times in many cultures. They primarily avoid species-specific societies, especially societies that date back to the height of the Confederation. They instead stay in regions where the vast diversity of beings offers sanctuary.

An Insectizoids starting stamina is specified as a range from two to sixteen. This is due to the large range of sizes that an Insectizoid can be. When creating an Insectizoid character, the referee should decide the starting stamina based on the size of Insectizoid the player chooses. The larger the Insectizoid, the larger the starting stamina should be.