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StrengthHigh (4) - Hypernormal (7)
SpeedHigh (4) - Fast (6)
AgilityAverage (3) - Acrobatic (6)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Low (2)
Hand to Hand+2
Size2 - 2.5 m., 75 - 150 kg.
Skill Adjustment-3

Massetin are a race of extremely capable combatants. They are rugged, tough bipeds that have sharp hard quills covering their back and forearms. The rest of their body is covered in short, coarse fur. Their bony head is mostly a long snout and large mouth, with small eyes and ears. They have exceptional physical statistics, but are somewhat lacking in intelligence. What intelligence they do have seems to be focused on strategy and tactics.

Their nervous physiology is focused on keeping the Massetin always extremely alert and ready for action. While their normal state keeps them constantly combat ready, they have a reaction-suppresser hormone that allows them brief periods of calm in which to think. This is somewhat opposite to most species that are normally in a reasoning state, and have a means to be extremely alert and ready for short bursts (such as adrenaline in humans). Many Massetins have difficulty functioning in a peaceful society. Those that do integrate, usually accomplish it by either practicing meditation or other disciplined calm, or by regular injections of supplemental anti-adrenaline. They tend to believe they are indestructible, and dive headfirst into any potential battle. Unfortunately, Massetins are not always a good judge of when they are outmatched.

The Massetin species were discovered in the third galaxy explored by the Confederation. They were a space faring race, but had no obvious home world. Upon contact and research into their past it was discovered that the Massetin were not a natural life form. They were in fact an engineered biological weapon of an ancient race that ruled in the vicinity where Massetin were discovered. The Massetin's creators were long dead and it is unknown how they died.

Upon contact, many organizations gave the Massetin a chance to once again be used as soldiers. Many recruiters have benefited greatly by this race during military operations. Though somewhat scarce, they are considered to be excellent hired goons.