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Mentalist is not a normal, independant occupation. Instead, it's a shadow capability that grows with other occupations. Once a character becomes a mentalist, they can gain Mentally Based Abilities with each stage.

There are three ways a character can become a mentalist:

  1. Classic Character Generation: When creating a character, roll three D6. If three sixes are rolled, the character can be a Mentalist at 1 MBA point per stage.
  2. Standard Character Generation: 4 points are devoted to giving the being 1 MBA point per stage. Taking this option more than once is possible.
  3. Biological/Technical Enhancement: A high stage biologist can implant the ability to gain MBA. Also, a robot can have a psionic plate added to give them MBA. (e.g.: Interrogator)

Points of Mentally Based Ability can be spent on either permanent or temporary abilities. To change permanent abilities back into points, or to regenerate points after spending them on temporary abilities, there must be either rest or meditation. Rest earns back 1 point per hour. Meditation earns 1D6 per hour.