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Opteryx are the only common species capable of sustained flight. Their light bipedal frame includes feathers, hard beaks, talons, and multi-chambered hearts and lungs. There are four main varieties of Opteryx; the towering flightless Coska, the able flyer Masopter, the multi-limbed Fikliess, and the tiny Petroch.

Ancient Opteryx culture was very tribal and warlike. There were many wars fought over the rocky cliffs of their home world. Once they achieved interstellar travel, they aimed their aggressive instincts at numerous neighboring civilizations. Through conquest, the Opteryx became a sizable empire.

The Opteryx were contemplating attacking an intruding force known as the Confederation when both groups were attacked by a massive Xoid fleet. The Opteryx took massive losses in the Galactic Wars that followed and once the war was over, they joined with the Confederation.