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StrengthHigh (4) - Hypernormal (7)
SpeedSlow (1) - Average (3)
AgilityLow (2) - Average (3)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Genius (6)
Will Power+1
Size1.8 m. tall, 400 - 600 kg.

An Orbodun is an adapted quadruped, massing an impressive 600 kg, and is 1.8 meters tall when reared upright to use their manipulating forepaws. Their muscular bodies are well concealed by loose hide covered with long, coarse fur. They have an oblong head with a wide mouth, small black eyes and diminutive ears. Orboduns are quite strong, but lack in speed and agility. They have poor eyesight in comparison to other species, but have an excellent sense of smell. Notably, they are one of the few species capable of both hypernormal strength and genius intelligence.

Orboduns have a very cohesive society. They have expanded throughout the galaxies, but have managed to maintain their collective culture. Their society is based on a high sense of honour. An Orbodun who is true to their heritage will never break their word, no matter what the circumstances. This sense of honour has given the Orbodun race a very respectable and trustworthy reputation among other species.

The main reasons that the Orbodun's honourable society has survived for so long, is that it is unofficially but strictly enforced. If an Orbodun has dishonoured himself, and it becomes known, other Orboduns will go out of their way to hunt down and kill him. It has been this way in the Orbodun race for at least as long as their recorded history. Orboduns that do manage to survive without honour are usually pathetic and miserable unless they are isolated from other Orboduns.

One more thing to mention about an Orbodun's value system. It tends to make them somewhat arrogant. Their society has little respect for those without honour, and does not hesitate to make it known.