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StrengthSubnormal (0) - Average (3)
SpeedFast (6)
AgilityLow (2) - Average (3)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - High (4)
Maneuverability5 to 7
Hand to Hand-1
Size0.2 - 0.75 m., 5 - 15 kg.
Skill Adjustment-1

The Petroch is the most diminutive of the Opteryx. In fact, they are the tiniest race to gain intergalactic recognition. Their small bodies are mostly made up of the compact efficient muscles used to flap their tiny wings. Their wings flap extremely fast and are incapable of holding objects, so a Petroch uses its beak and feet as manipulators. When in flight, a Petroch does not rely heavily on wind currents to keep aloft. Rather, they are able to hover and can finely control their direction and speed of flight.

A Petroch’s small size can make it difficult to use standard weapons and equipment. Because they cannot use any heavy weaponry, Petroch combatants can be at a disadvantage. However, their adept flight capabilities and small size are excellent defensive attributes. A Petroch’s skill in movement can make them very difficult to hit. The wings of a Petroch flap so fast they make a loud buzzing sound, making stealth in some situations difficult.

The Petroch is a rare type of Opteryx. They are very hyperactive, partially because they tend to feed primarily on sugar. They usually require only one hour of sleep for every ten. The only personality trait common to all Petroch is their desire to do everything as fast as possible. The virtue of patience is not a part of the Petroch mindset.