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StrengthAverage (3) - Strong (6)
SpeedHigh (4) - Fast (6)
AgilityHigh (4) - Acrobatic (6)
IntelligenceSimple (1)
Hand to Hand+1
Size2 m. tall, 80 kg.
Skill Adjustment-2

A Reglactin is very physically capable biped, having rather thick rough skin and little hair. All physical attributes have high ranges for the Reglactin, but they severely lack in intelligence. Despite their low intelligence, they tend to have strong tactical instincts. They have four-chambered lungs allowing constant air flow. Instead of the usual inhale and exhale of most species, they have a constant flow of air traveling through their nose, down to their lungs and then out their mouth. While this respiratory configuration assists in a Reglactin's high metabolism and endurance, it has the unfortunate drawback of making a Reglactin unable to hold their breath for more than a couple of seconds. This greatly limits their ability to swim.

The species is quite renowned for their strict code of honour. The origin of this code of honour is the subject of some speculation - tales range from ancient aliens altering their physiology so that lying was painful, to overlords with telepathic abilities that made lying a lethal mistake. Whatever the source, this code of honour strictly prohibits a Reglactin raised in their classic tradition from uttering a lie or breaking their word. This does not mean that they must always tell the truth - they are quite often silent, and have no qualms about letting others misunderstand the truths that they do communicate.

Early Reglactin society never reached a technological level capable of any space flight or even atmospheric flight. Early in their development, the Reglactins were displaced from their homeworld by an unscrupulous mining company. Because of their physical capability, tendency for cunning tactical ability, and especially for their code of honour, they were valued by the mining crews as security personnel. This gave large portions of their population passage on the swarm of mining vessels traveling from their ravaged home. They integrated with the other races and spread throughout the known galaxies.