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Intelligence Requirement:Simple (1)
Stage Stamina:2D+2 (4-14)
Maximum Stages:speed
# of attacks
(1 weapon type only)

Repeaters are combatants that focus on delivering as many attacks as possible. They are especially useful when facing considerable numbers, but not useful in facing considerable skill.

Upon completion of a stage of Repeater, a character gains one more attack every turn with a specific weapon type. These multiple attacks may only include bonuses and abilities that do not require any preparation. They can not be used with assassination or sharpshooter abilities. Repeater is a very offence-based occupation, with no defensive considerations other than adequate stage stamina.

Each round, the extra attacks are performed in rapid succession. When it is a Repeater's turn, he must use all of his attacks. He cannot attack, wait for someone else to perform an action, and then attack again.

This occupations maximum stages value is equal to the being's speed. That is, a being with slow speed may take it once, low speed may take it twice, and so on. A being with fast speed has the potential to deliver a frenzied flurry of seven attacks per round.