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Robots in AIF represent any type of mobile mechanical entity which has sentient intelligence similar to a biological lifeform. They do not include non-intelligent machines such as would be found in a factory. They also do not include an artificial intelligence not in some kind of mechanical body such as a sentient information computer system (however, such an intelligence could easily be transferred into a body thus becoming a robot). Robots can be any shape or size and can have a vast array of abilities. Most robots are built as servants with significant obedience routines ingrained in their psyche, but there are still many independent robots. When playing a robot, or having a robot as an advisory, one should be aware of the difference between mechanical and biological beings.

  • Robots cannot receive a mortal wound. Any hit to the vitals will always be double damage.
  • Robots have their own variety of patch. Biological and mechanical patches cannot be interchanged, unless converted by a medic or technician.
  • The robot version of a med kit/pack is a tool kit/pack and it will repair 1D/2D of damage. A technician adds a bonus to fix when using a tool kit or a robot patch. A fix using a tool kit can be performed every hour.

A robot can look like anything, though many have similar attributes to biological beings (hands, legs, head, etc) so that they can use the equipment of and interact easily with biological beings. Most look obviously mechanical, though they can be made to resemble biological beings.

While there are robots for almost every task, the ones that adventurers in AIF will most likely have to deal with are combat robots. What follows is a list of combat robots common in AIF. These robots are common due to their effectiveness in the task they were designed for, and for the ability of their creators to mass produce and market them.

Purchasable Robots

Non-purchasable Robots