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Dude sword.jpg
Intelligence Requirement:Semi (0)
Stage Stamina:3D+2 (5-20)
Hand to Hand+1: 1-2 (roll 1D6)

+2: 3-4

+3: 5-6
to Duck+1

Strikers are those that are adept at hand to hand combat. They are extremely useful when in close-quarters or weaponless fights, however, they are vulnerable to those capable of long-range attacks. Hand to hand combat includes weaponless combat using claws, fists, etc., the hand held use of edged or blunt weapons, or the thrown use of pretty much anything.

The bonuses awarded with a stage of Striker obviously focus on excellence in hand to hand combat. After completing a stage of Striker, a being will go up 2, maybe 3, points of hand to hand ability. With this increase, hand to hand attack, defense, and damage rolls will all improve. The stage stamina awarded with a stage of Striker is the second highest of all the occupations, next to infantry. Also, their duck increases marginally.

A skilled Striker learns various complex attacks which can cause devastating damage to their opponent. (Eg: Flying round-house kick, eye-gouge technique, etc.) However, these attacks are difficult to accomplish and thus involve a negative to hit. Each stage of Striker allows you to add a negative to hit up to your stage of Striker. Each negative that is added to your attack increases your damage according to the following table:

Stage of StrikerMaximum Negative To HitDamage


Finally, each stage of Striker awards a single specialized ability called an 'option'. There are five to choose from:

Manipulation Attack/Defense +2

Each time this option is taken, the Striker gets a +2 bonus on manipulation attacks (hold, joint lock, disarm, make prone). Normally with these attacks, you would have to beat a target by ten for success. This bonus effectively reduces the amount you need to beat the target by. Additionally, the Striker gains a +2 bonus on defending against these attacks, increasing the amount the attacker has to beat him by.

Pain +1D

Each time this option is taken, the Striker will inflict an extra die of pain on each attack. (Quite useful if you often try for joint locks.)

Virtual Damage

The ability to make an attack only inflict virtual damage. Blunt weapons only (ie: no blades).

Quick Rise

When knocked down, this option will allow the guerrilla to get up without expending any dice.

Movement +1

Increases the Striker movement rating by 1.

On the battlefield, a skilled Striker can easily be the most feared. Often, those skilled in the use of long-range weapons will be powerless to defend against one skilled in hand to hand combat. The reverse, however, may not be true. A skilled Striker within striking distance of his enemies can literally hack his way through them. High stamina and perhaps a stage or two of a more duck oriented occupation such as Defender or scout will ensure the Striker survival, while these occupations will often not help his targets.

Note: The occupation Striker is one of the few occupations a being (animal) with semi-intelligence can be.