Stuck In The Middle With You

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Setting: AIF

Referee: Dave

Player: RooK


Having recently acquired a stage of Defender and thus less likely to be randomly killed by stray weapon’s fire, Mïrka Mentkabar decided it was time to leave the backwater armpit of a world he was on and explore the galaxy. Having no credits to speak of, Mïrka decided to hitchhike in the cargo hold of a freighter leaving the system. Hungry for adventure, he eagerly awaited visiting various city planets on the freighter’s route.

Too bad it crashed before getting to one.

Game Night 001 - September 7, 2016 - Hailbots

  • Crashes on planet Archaeognatha after briefly discussing the feasibility of surviving such a crash with God.
  • Regains consciousness with a broken ankle and a Human looming over him.
  • Human's name is George and was first on the scene of the crash.
  • George applied a couple of patches and helped fix the ankle.
    • One of the patches looks homemade.
    • George explains it's a type of stim patch, though eventually revealing it's more of a nanoscopic symbiont.
      • Gives extra five stam every stage earned. Will eventually become sentient.
      • Mirka has the ability to kill it via his own nanoscopic fauna.
  • George checks cockpit while Mirka checks cargo.
    • Cargo turns out to be vegetables. Many many vegetables.
    • Doesn't find the hidden compartment of gear and gemstones (kidding).
    • George returns with some items from the suicidal pilot and gives them to Mirka.
  • After providing a crude map, George buggers off.
  • Mirka heads toward a village on the way to a major city.
  • Attacked by 'Hailbot'!
    • Beachball sized thing with numerous force beams / manipulated shields as limbs.
    • Hailbot is unarmed and just attacking hand to hand. Fast.
    • Mirka uses trees and gliding to his advantage.
    • After a few hits, Hailbot hides behind tree. Two other hailbots inbound.
    • Bravely run away and hide!
    • Hailbots give up.
  • Continue to village.
  • Attracts attention of other hailbot. This one armed and has a combatant stage.
    • Fight fight fight.
    • Hailbot defeated.
      • Force beams go off, hailbot falls and employs camouflage. Dormant.
      • Camouflage less effective on beings that employ sonar - perfect roundness very noticeable.
  • Avoids more hailbots.
  • Encounters Trollian villagers.
    • Villagers threatening. Extort weapon.
  • Changes route to bypass village and head directly to the city. Another 20km away.

Plot Infliction 001 - Travel Montage

The forest is starting to thin out a bit and you see grasslands up ahead. You also spot what seem like ruins.

Mentkabar regards the reduction in gliding supports with a grim annoyance and a renewed attention to passive sonar imagery. Hopefully the native grass is tall enough to be sufficient cover for a being as small as a Mavvice. Which, of course, works both ways.

What do the ruins appear like? Rotting skyscrapers? Pyramids? A diner?

Game Night 002 - September 20, 2019 - To The City

  • Initially ignore ruins.
  • Loud <CRACK> from ruins attracts attention.
  • Groten using Hailbots as baseballs. Three young people going and searching for them in the jungle after they land.
    • Warned that getting into city may be difficult without citizenship id.
  • Back through the grassland towards the city.
  • Hailbot Attack!
    • Long fight.
    • Hailbot attempts to disengage. No such luck.
  • Petroch from the villiage watches, applauds, then flies away.
  • Finds a stand of trees to hide in.
    • Kills alien bear.
  • To the city.
  • Ambushed by random jerk. Mortal wound causes him to panic and bleed out.
  • Intercepted by guard.
    • Can't pay extortion.
    • Used as training practice for pet hail-bot.
    • Hail-bot disabled (barely).
  • Nearby homesteader offers shelter.

Game Night 003 - September 27, 2019 - Wage Slave

  • Heals with homesteaders. Eats soup.
  • Chats with symbiot.
    • Names it Marcus.
    • Marcus has instinctual unease about the hailbots.
  • Walks around the city looking for a way in.
    • Twenty meter walls. Nothing obviously preventing someone from climbing.
    • Main entrances guarded. People scanned as they go in.
    • Other smaller entrances sealed.
  • Small settlement outside the walls on the other side.
  • Hailed from someone in a shack.
    • Not a radio in site.
    • Guy in the shack says he can get someone in the city for a fee.
    • 50 credits. Or 200 for dealing with someone trustworthy.
    • Can get jobs escorting non-combatants from the city.
  • Back to the settlement outside the city. Finds a job posting board.
  • Hired by an Anurian named Gilford.
    • Wants to capture two hailbots for study.
  • Walking towards the jungle.
    • Blasts an attacking wolf like creature in the face.
    • Finds and defeats a zero-stage hailbot.
  • Closer to the jungle, encounters random dude.
    • Feeling threatened, Mirka attacks.
    • Dude defeated, disarmed, and let go.
    • Gilford claims blast rifle.
  • Into the jungle, the mighty jungle.
    • Find hailbot.
    • Make that two hailbots.
    • One has a stage of striker. Makes for a tough fight.
    • Gilford injures himself with the blast rifle.
  • After disabling both hailbots, a third hailbot with a rifle makes itself known.
    • Third hailbot actually speaks. Takes one of the downed hailbots and leaves.

PLACEHOLDER - bunchagamenights

Random thought: There is an awful lot of synergy between the lone gun-Mavvice and the Mandalorian. I likes it.