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StrengthLow (2) - Strong (6)
SpeedSlow (1)
AgilityAverage (3) - Acrobatic (6)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Exceptional (5)
Size1.5 m. tall, 40 - 60 kg.
Skill Adjustment+2

The TaArbori are an oddly-proportioned race which originate from a jungle covered planet. They look somewhat like a large head sprouting four limbs. Two of the limbs are boneless tentacles attached to the rear of the head, while the others are stout legs ending in heavy claws. The head of the creature has a very large and extremely well developed nose, making it's olfactory senses quite exceptional. Binocular eyes and tiny ears provide additional sensory information. They are covered with a fine coat of fur on the main body while the tentacles are bare. Their heavy claws and impressive agility combine to allow the TaArbori to walk or perch just about anywhere. They have an enhanced sense of balance, allowing them to move calmly and surely in the most unlikely of orientations. A TaArbori's voice is deep and loud.

Their most restricting attribute is their slow speed. All TaArbori have the unfortunate speed rating of one. This usually reflects in the TaArbori personalities, making them very slow and methodical. They have ample patience, but get easily aggravated by faster species who try to rush them. Often this results in extreme stubbornness and has a tendency to make them unpopular. TaArbori are an old race, having slowly expanded into vast area's of space. While widespread, their population is sparse, making them rather rare.