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StrengthSubnormal (0) - Average (3)
SpeedExceptional (5) - Fast (6)
AgilityAcrobatic (6) - Hypernormal (7)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Exceptional (5)
Size1 m. tall, 20 kg.
Skill Adjustment-1

A Takolee is a small, hyperactive neo-mammal. They are covered in various lengths of fur, with occasional members of the race being hairless. At about 20 kilograms, they are small enough to fit places where most other sentient beings can't. Unfortunately, their small size and lean build makes them quite weak, such that there are many pieces of hardware they simply cannot use. They excel in speed and agility. When moving they tend to be most comfortable as a quadruped, though they can also move in a biped stance. During their evolution, however, they were rarely on the ground as the Takolees were a tree dwelling species. All four limbs of this species have gripping appendages allowing them to quickly traverse the flora of a dense forest or jungle. Their head is slightly elongated with upright ears and black eyes. A tail completes their features that can range from big and bushy to thin and hairless. Takolee metabolisms run at such a fervent pitch that they never sleep, and are euphemistically called "energetic".

Takolees originated in the Second Galaxy and had established a small empire based primarily on military conquest. When the Confederation made official contact, a small war ensued in which the severely outmatched Takolee navy was destroyed. Despite this uncomfortable beginning, Takolees eventually integrated fully into known space and are now found everywhere.