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The Trupepol are a technophobic Human society of mentalists. They control an area of space around their home planet in the First Galaxy. There are numerous factions within the Trupepol, and while all share a hatred for the rest of the galaxy's use of high technology, they vary in their methods of expressing that hatred.

Powerful Trupepol rarely leave their home world. Often they will posses someone and use their body to travel.


An occupation common amongst the Trupepol that isn't available to the general population is called Acolyte. It is meant to enhance their mental control abilities for operatives away from Earth.

  • Stage Stamina: 1D
  • Will Power: 3 to 5
  • Awareness: 3 to 5
  • Duck: +1


During the Human's initial exploration, they were attacked by an army of Xoids and the resulting nuclear holocaust nearly eradicated all life on their home planet of Earth. Many of the Humans escaped and went on to co-found the Confederation, however, a large portion of Earth's population was unable to leave the planet. While most were killed, a few pockets of Human society survived. When the nuclear winter had ended and the radiation levels were low enough to be safe, the Humans emerged from their various shelters and started to slowly rebuild their home. They were all but forgotten by the Humans that had left the planet.

Centuries passed and two things evolved in the struggling group of Humans. They obviously had a deep hatred of the Xoids, but this eventually turned into a hatred and fear of all high technology. Their culture evolved into one that outlawed the machines of the past. The Humans themselves were evolving as well. The latent radiation of the nuclear weapons used in the war caused many mutations among the population. There were numerous people who developed significant mentally based abilities. Through selective breeding, the leaders of the Humans gradually increased their number of mentalists. After many centuries, most of the small population of Humans were all adept mentalists.

Through much time and hard work they repaired much of the ecological damage the war had caused. They settled into a largely peaceful society.

As their mental powers developed, however, they were able to observe events beyond their home system. They learned of the Confederation, a galaxy spanning empire whose power was based largely on the use of high technology. They learned that most every being had nanoscopic machines streaming through their bodies, effectively making everyone a cyborg. For a technophobic society, this was terrifying. A simmering fear lasted on Earth for many years. The fear revolved around the possibility that the Humans of the Confederation would find out that their home world was now livable, and come back.

A number of factions on the planet decided to band together and eliminate the threat of the Confederation. They convinced many more to join the cause, saying that the Confederation required salvation. They renamed themselves Trupepol to disassociate themselves from the Humans of the Confederation. After over two millennia, Human's once again started to leave their home world. The Trupepol put operatives in many levels of the Confederation government and military.

The initial attack was devestating for the Confederation. They lost control of almost one hundred colonies, and large portions of their fleet was taken over and used to attack other Confederation facilities. The Confederation struck back and long years of sparatic war mixed with uneasy truces followed. The Trupepol was unable to hold any territory too deep into Confederation space, and the Confederation couldn't get a significant force near Earth without them being taken over mentally.

The Trupepol infliced the final crippling blow to the Confederatoin. It is unknown how they did it, but the Trupepol were able to detonate an enourmous explosive device on New Earth, destroying the entire planet. With the loss of it's capital, the Confederation was thrown into chaos. Soon after, the remaining Confederation forces fled to Andromeda.