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The Confederation was the largest cohesive organization of diverse species in galactic history. Its control was present in the three colonized galaxies for over two thousand years. It was largely a military organization, but still contained a large political and civilian component.

The founding species of the Confederation were the Anurians, Grotens, and Humans. Originally, the Confederation was established to defend against the repeated Xoid attacks of the time. In fact, the first major task of the Confederation was to hunt down and destroy the Xoids. While at the time few Xoids were ever found, the hunt inspired great advances in the science of space travel.

As the Confederation explored and expanded its influence, colonies followed in its wake. More species joined the Confederation and expanded to the millions of habitable worlds in the First Galaxy. One of the new worlds colonized was named New Earth and became the capital of the Confederation. It grew to have an immense population and became a center for trade and commerce. As the Confederation grew to control the entire galaxy, they developed fold space technology, allowing them to expand further into other galaxies.

Then came the Galactic Wars. These wars united the species of the Confederation more than anything prior. Weapons and ship technology advanced quickly and the invading Sandaraks and Xoids were beaten. The Confederation continued to grow in spite of the wars and expanded it's influence to the Second and Third Galaxies. An immense amount of military hardware was built for the final Galactic War and after it was won it seemed as if the Confederation would last forever.

But the age-old adage of 'Power Corrupts' was true even for the Confederation. With no major adversaries to fight against, the immense Confederation war machine had to be content with governing its own people. Over the next six centuries, the internal stability of the Confederation decayed as corrupt officials and leaders started to prioritize their own power above all else.

The downfall of the Confederation began with the loss of the Third Galaxy. A traitorous organization calling themselves the Ttaidaytadt cut off the main fold space access to the Third Galaxy and seized control. As the Confederation was organizing a response to regain control, scouts in the Second Galaxy reported the sighting of the largest Xoid fleet ever seen. The loss of the sparsely populated Third Galaxy was forgotten as the Confederation focused on defending the Second Galaxy against the Xoids. But over the centuries, the Confederation had lost its fighting edge. The first battles ended with Confederation forces being obliterated. Seeing that their galaxy was in jeopardy, powerful members of the Second Galaxy seized control of the military forces and ousted the Confederation commanders. Soon this new organization calling themselves 'The Reich', ousted the Confederation from the entire galaxy and proceeded with the war against the Xoids.

Having lost control of its two satellite galaxies, the Confederation started to regroup and examine ways to regain control. Unfortunately, the confusion allowed a perfect opportunity for the Trupepol to attack. Long years of war followed while the Confederation struggled to keep control of its native galaxy. With the destruction of New Earth, the Confederation decided to retreat. The remains of the former might of the Confederation fled to Andromeda and left the rest of the galaxy to fend for themselves. Few people know of the Confederation's fate, with many believing that it was completely destroyed.

Despite its destruction, the Confederation has left a legacy in the form of science and technology. Many technologies created by the Confederation are still in use. The intergallactic credit system, vast communication networks, and designs for various droids and ships are just a few examples. However, to most beings in modern times, the Confederation is nothing more than history. No one knows what became of the forces that fled to Andromeda - if they still exist or if they will ever return.