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We've come to the conclusion that there are probably a lot of custom designed beings out there in the AIF universe. A biologist could easily custom design a being or make alterations to an existing one. So, we've come up with a points system for creating them. The system could also be used to create robots.

Each being gets 30 points. The points must be distributed amongst the being's statistics, size, and other attributes as follows:

Basic Stats

Strength, Speed, Agility, Maneuverability, Intelligence, Will Power, and Awareness all translate 1 for 1 to a maximum of 6. Eg: high (4) strength will cost 4 points.

To bump up any of these attributes to 7 will cost 3 points. You cannot go higher than 7.

Hand to Hand

  • HH 0 = 0 points
  • HH 1 = 1 point
  • HH 2 = 3 points
  • HH 3 = 6 points
  • HH 4 = 10 points
  • HH >4 = 4 points each

Skill Adjustment

You can modify the amount of skill it requires to earn a stage. The standard is 10 points of skill per stage. Descreasing the amount of skill required for a stage costs 4 points. Increasing the amount of skill required for a stage will give you an extra 4 points. Eg: spend 8 points to create a being that only requires 8 skill to gain a stage.

Note that this element is something that the referee will probably want to consider allowing or disallowing. While adding an interesting element to the development of long-term characters, this can also act as a silly point-mine for one-night games where the players have no intention of earning skill


  • 0-20 kg - 0 points
  • 20 - 50 kg - 1 point
  • 50 - 100 kg - 2 points
  • each 100 after that - 1 point each

Historically, large characters have tended to be favoured in AIF because of the proportionally greater force they can exert - meaning more hand-to-hand damage, ability to use more powerful weapons, and more capacity for carrying stuff. This point system should make that less common, but the reasons for being large are still valid.

At 1000 kg (1 tonne), a being can choose to be intermediate scale if they want.

Base Stamina

Each being will have 1 stamina minimum without expending any points. For each point that you devote to your size, you will also get an additional 1 stamina. Extra points can also be used to increase your stamina at a rate of 5 stamina per 1 point used.

Other attributes

Positive Attributes

Wings (seperate from manipulating limbs)5 points
Wings (incorporated into manipulating limbs)4 points
MBA (1 pt/stage)4 points
Partial wings (eg Mavvice)2 points
Extra manipulating limb2 points
Extra Breathing (eg: gills)1 point
Hard Points (bone growths to attach gear)1 point
Natural Hand to Hand weapons1 point / 1 point damage
Extraordinary sense1 point
Extremely bad flavour (you taste awful to carnivores)1 point
Coolness (charismatic / graceful / generally cool)1 point

Negative Attributes

Minus one manipulating limb-2 points
Limited Sense-1 point
Extraordinary physical dependance-1 point
Extremely good flavour (you taste delicious!)-1 point
Uncool (opposite of coolness)-1 point

Note that it is assumed that a standard being is a biped with two manipulating limbs.

Once the being is created, you can make him look like anything within the constrains of what you have selected via the points.