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We like to think of death as the point where the player has left the character. For a robot, this means that their brain is reset. It is possible that the robot can be repaired and salvaged, but the consciousness that was within the robot is gone. If the brain is revived, it will be in a state exactly as if the robot was brand new and just switched on. It will be reset to it's minimum skill and have no memory of it's previous existence.

It is similar for biological beings. When they are considered dead, it means that they are brain dead. If the body is repaired and the brain is reanimated, the mind will house nothing more than a vegetable-like consciousness. They will have no memory and their skill will be reduced to 1.

Basic Rules

Once you have taken damage to a point where you stamina is below -10, you are irrevocably dead.

Advanced Rules

If you fall below -10, you are still capable of staying alive. It primarily depends on your ability to remain conscious, and how long it takes you to get the damage repaired/healed. For a character that has fallen below -10 the rules are:

  • If you can remain conscious, you are in no danger of dying.
  • If your stamina falls to a negative greater than half your total stamina, you will fall unconscious and not be able to regain consciousness unless the damage is repaired.
  • If your stamina falls to a negative greater than equal your total stamina, there isn't much left to repair (i.e.: irrevocably dead). Note that this also applies for beings whose stamina is less than 10, making the -10 threshold moot.
  • You can survive with no brain damage a total of turns equal to your stage. If you regain consciousness, and then lose consciousness again, the count starts over.
  • Each turn after that, you will lose 10 skill until you have no skill left.
  • The following turn after you reach 0 skill, you are irrevocably dead.

This gives a dying character a chance to regain consciousness (usually by rolling double-ones on the consciousness check). Also, it gives their comrades (if any) a chance to apply patches.