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Droid simiad.jpg
Intelligence Requirement:Semi (0)
Stage Stamina:5D (5-30)
to Duck OR Parry+2 : 1-2 (roll 1D6)

+3 : 3-4

+4 : 5-6
Awareness+1 : 1-2 (roll 1D6)

+2 : 3-4

+3 : 5-6

The primary purpose of Defender is survival. Characters that are only Defender are nothing more than cannon fodder, used to hold ground and keep the enemy busy. Defender's strongest asset is that they are hard to kill. When combined with other talents, this occupation greatly increases a character's survivability.

Impressive stamina, duck, and awareness are all key factors to a Defender's ability to avoid death. Their physical condition hardens considerably; they learn how to avoid being shot or hit, and they become more aware of who's trying to kill them. This translates into an impressive bonus to duck or parry (must pick one), a substantial increase in awareness, and the largest possible stage stamina of all the occupations.