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Setting: Blood (sort of)

Referee: Dave

Player: RooK


In the demon realm, the demons main form of entertainment is fighting amongst themselves. There are a lot of different types of demons with various clans, families, and tribes that battle each other. There’s nothing that’s actually being fought over, so it’s mostly for prestige.

The second form of entertainment is watching what is happening on Earth. Long ago a powerful Demon sorcerer made it so that any demon can view the corresponding location on Earth (though there’s a roughly 10 to 1 size difference between distances in the demon realm and distances on Earth).

Finally, mentalist demons can possess Humans on earth. This is always a great laugh. The sorcerer often makes scary faces and growls a lot. Maybe make a few foreboding predictions. It’s hilarious.

Long ago, it is said that demons physically travelled to Earth. But that has been forbidden for centuries.

Notes on being a demon:

  • You heal 1 stamina per turn. Period. No slow heals, no quick heals, nothing but the steady march towards health that 1 point per turn provides.
  • All alignments are available (Yes, there are lawful good demons).
  • Demon's don't age, so the only time they die is if they are killed (or the occasional accident).
  • Range weapons are available. Often bones are used in their construction.

Character Generation


1st stage Demon with 40 points from the character generator. Long ago, high stage sorcerer demons took over the area you live in and cast an epic spell to prevent competition. The spell makes it nigh impossible to earn experience. It took many years to get to first stage.

Zuul Savanti

Species: Demon
Occupations: Tactical Striker

  • Experience: 10
  • Stamina: 3
  • Strength: 3 Force (1000N)
  • Speed: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Intelligence: 3
  • Will Power: 5
  • Awareness: 4
  • Hand to Hand: 2
  • Size: 100 kg, 1.9 m

Tactical striker (3D stamina, 2-3 hand-to-hand, 1 duck, 1 option) = 13 stamina, 3 hand-to-hand, etc.

Because Zuul has been endlessly watching Humans and Vampires gain occupations, he has a knowledge of how to tweak them. He can use the custom occupation generator for his stages.


You and your two brothers (sisters?) are hanging out one day. The three of you are close, being the only three survivors of the brood of 50 or so offspring of your parents. One of them is in the middle of possessing a young girl on Earth and you’re watching. All three of you are first stage, and as you are all mentalists, you’ve been targeted by higher stage demons. This has required you to keep a low profile, so you haven’t had much opportunity for battle recently.

More than the other two, the low experience has been driving you a bit nuts. The injustice of not being able to earn experience – especially when you can watch the humans and vampires on Earth earn experience, has been on your mind a lot lately.

You notice that the Humans are attempting an exorcism and you pay more attention. It seems the witches are pulling out the big guns for this; there’s an array of 12 of them surrounding the girl.

Meanwhile on Earth...

High Priestess Bao Yu is finally ready to attempt her spell. She has researched the ancient writing and increased her power enough to make the attempt. With her 12 mentalist points, and the contribution of her sisters, she’ll finally be able to end the demon influence once and for all. The plan is to not only exorcise the demon from the poor girl, but to use the connection to forever close off the door to the demon realm.

Back to the Demons...

After a bunch of chanting and meditating the witches start the exorcism. It seems quite a bit different from exorcisms you’ve seen in the past, so maybe this will break through your boredom. Your siblings seem quite interested, though you’re still brooding about your lack of experience.

There’s a brilliant flash of light that blinds you for a moment and you suddenly feel really dizzy. You also feel a strange pulling sensation, like you’re about to fall into a pit. When you regain your vision, you see that the array of witches are all dead save one, the head witch. She’s staring at you with a stunned look on her face. You suddenly have an irresistible urge to eat her heart. You drive your talons into the frail woman’s chest, wrap your hand around the beating organ and yank it out. You can feel its power as it slides down your throat and the pulling sensation eases significantly.

The woman mutters ‘What have I done?’ and dies.

The only one left alive is the young girl who is staring at you. As you lock eyes with her she says in your demon language: “Holy Shit Dude! How the hell did that happen?”

Plot Infliction 000 - WTF Happened?

As you fully grasp that you're now on Earth, two immediate thoughts occur to you:

  • If the higher demons find out about this and you go back, you'll have a death sentence. Travelling to Earth if forbidden.
  • You can earn EXPERIENCE!!!!

You can still feel that odd tugging sensation. As if something is trying to pull you back.

First obvious question: Zuul regards the little girl. [in Demonic] "Sibling, it might be amusing for you to retain control of the human larva. Have one of our other siblings survey the area, and you can report back via the larva. Then we should begin a safari. "

Is the dimension-sucking sensation localized any where specific?

The brother that's possessing the girl is named Zaal, and your other brother still in the demon realm is named Zool. You're currently in China, near the coast. You're able to understand both the Chinese and Japanese languages, and can speak them poorly. The dimension-sucking sensation isn't localized anywhere specific. Feels the same as you move around.

Zaal is 1st stage Aggressor, and Zool is 1st stage Scout.

Zaal: "Uh, sure. But we should move. Whatever that witch did... I felt it, and so did Zool. Probably every mentalist in the area felt it."

You are currently at a temple in a small village. You can hear people outside, probably attracted by the immense flash of light that brought you here.

Got it. "Zool, find us a direction, and let's get moving quickly. Watch for both dimensions, please. "

Quick check to see what implements the witches had. Preferably cutting, extra points for stuff that will help me transform human femurs into small bone javelins.

Zaal: "Yeah, Zool is currently taking us to the hideout. We're probably going to be targets too once they figure out we're your brothers. You're going to have to find your own direction."

The temple is quite sparse, though the head witch did have a sacrificial dagger that would be good for carving. Abruptly two people enter the room - a man and a woman. The woman screams and the man pulls out a sword and starts to try to get between you and the 'human larva'. You think it's her parents.

The hideout Zool mentioned is a cave you found years ago. At one point in the past it was shielded against prescience, though you're not sure how strong it is. It should keep your brothers safe for now.

That brings up an idea: do the Siblings-Z have 0-point marks on each other?

[In Demonic] "Zaal, do you have access to the human larva's memories? It might be amusing for you to impersonate her. "

Here's a question: what does Zuul actually look like? And how does his name differ sufficiently from 'Zool' phonetically to be useful in conversation?

You all have marks on each other, though at the moment you can't sense theirs. Zuul can look however you want within the confines of the point generator; so a 100 kg demon, two manipulating limbs, no wings, etc. Rest is up to you. Zaal and Zool will look similar as they are your brothers. I was eventually going to ask you that question. :)

To a Human, Zuul and Zool sound identical. Only demons versed in the intricacies of the demon language could tell the difference.

I was assuming that Zuul was a dog-like gargoyle or 100 kg of marshmallow with a 'Stay Puft' hat.

Let's say that Zuul is a 50-meter human - meaning, that from 50 meters most will not notice he's not human unless they're really looking for it. Let's make him Pan-like - rams horns/ears/cloven hooves. But the horns curl close to the head (like Marco from the Saga comic), and with a mane of hair/beard that helps hide both the horns and the prehensile ears. The cloven hooves being mostly in place of toes on a human-ish foot, so that it's possible to walk like a human most of the time, instead of the full furry goat legs with high hocks.

And it appears that he has talons. Which sounds good to me, assuming that they don't impede with the utility of the hands.

Oh, and let's make him totally grayscale.

Game Night - August 22, 2014

Zuul and the girl’s father fought, with the father mostly trying to keep the demon occupied while his wife rescued the little girl. Unfortunately for the wife, her daughter started viciously biting her throat as soon as she was picked up. Still, both mother and daughter (and Zaal) left the temple while Zuul fought the father and two others who came to help.

The father was brought down and the two others were blitched messily. Leaving the temple, Zuul found a crowd helping the mother away while Zaal wandered back, his mouth covered in blood. Zuul spotted an archer on a nearby rooftop and telekinetically destroyed his bow. The second archer managed to get a shot in, but his bow was destroyed shortly thereafter.

Following some of the villagers into a building, he found the armoury cabinet, and killed the two villagers in the room. He kept their leg bones for use a javelins. Eventually he and Zaal escaped into the forest.

A walking path was found and followed. Three more villagers were dispatched on the path, and eventually Zuul and Zaal came to a lake complete with picnic tables. A lone woman was tied up and left on the picnic table, an apparent sacrifice to a vampire.

  • Vampire fought and killed. Heart eaten.
  • Back to village, fought guy in strange uniform talking in an unknown language.

Plot Infliction 001 - Brief Interrogation

Brief, in that, there's a bit of a language barrier.

First things first: EXPERIENCE?

The idea being, of course, to be sufficiently far into the woods and hidden for safe meditating back some MBA, then burning a single-use attempt at telepathy. If the direct-concept communication can allow for some discourse, then we'll see what we can glean. If not, then it's time to harvest some more javelins.

In Demonic to Zaal: "Are you and Zool safely to the hideout yet?"

Also, just to be clear, I'm 0-point marking everything - including other people's stuff. I smear one on Zaal's human larva, as well as seeing if I can get a fresh one to stick inter-dimensionally on Zaal himself.

As you take stock, you realize you've earned 4 experience. In the demon realm, each point of experience was separated by many years of fighting, so to get 4 at once is kind of overwhelming.

Zaal offers to make sure the dude in the uniform stays put while you meditate. Zool/Zaal are at the hideout now. You can't sense Zaal himself when you mark the human larva.

During the hour you meditate a few things happen. The moon comes out and you can hear howling in the distance. You're familiar with the pack of wolves in the area - about 20 of them, mostly 0 and 1st stage, but with a few 2nd and 3rd stage strikers. Also, at some point you hear another couple of gunshots in the night. Sounds like they came from the area of that lake. There's a scream as well and shortly after, more wolf howling.

You get your MBA back. The guy in the unknown uniform is awake and glowering at Zaal and her bow. He's seated against the trunk of a tree.

The interdimensional tug you constantly feel has gotten a tiny bit stronger in the hour you were meditating.

Zuul tips a point of MBA into a temporary telepathy ability, and regards the uniformed figure squatting under Zaal's arrow point. Conjuring the fundamental thought, "Do you understand this?", Zuul projects it into the human's mind - and waits for a response. Other than the possible startle reflex he'll have, of course.

The trans-dimensional suck is acknowledged by shoving the other point of MBA into an eldritch +1 locate, feeling for another appropriately soothing heart to consume.
Plus locates for inbound dangers, lupine or otherwise, to determine if we need a better hiding spot for me to meditate back MBA.

He jumps a foot. He stares at you wide-eyed with a look of terror for a moment, and then grabs some sort of jewelry he's wearing around his neck, forces his eyes tightly shut and starts mumbling to himself. You get the feeling he didn't understand the message. In his mind, he's thinking in pictures. At the moment he's thinking of some sort of golden gate, with some elderly people coming to greet him. There's also some people in the background with white fluffy wings.

Your locate for a soothing heart points you towards a largish city about 30 km away. Locate for inbound dangers gives you an uncomfortable twinge, but nothing immediate.

I visualize some faceless copies of the guy in identical uniforms, then I make them disappear one by one. As they disappear, I imagine a matrix of: human with sword, human with gun, vampire, wolf, and Cthulhu as circling options. Let's see if he can be prodded to recall an image of anything interesting he might have encountered.

Is this guy wearing a hat, by any chance?

He stares at you confused. When you flash the image of a human with a gun, he shows you an image of a scruffy looking man with a rifle. You get the impression it's someone that he once shot.

He's wearing a helmet. On of those ones that comes down to your ears, but doesn't cover your face.

Zuul stores his current javelins in the human while he extracts fresh femurs. Trying hard to make these new ones better-balanced for flinging. Also: borrowing the guy's helmet. And frisk him for keys. Or anything else useful, for that matter.

Then Zuul and Zaal will sneak further into the forest, and Zuul uses his talons to climb a suitably large tree whilst carrying Zaal. Then meditation.

Technical questions:
1) Could regular telekinesis counteract the imbalance on the javelins, and what would the accurate range be?
2) Could blunt telekinesis be used to fling javelens more projectile-like, also negating the negative?
3) And, to confirm, regular telekinesis also allows range-use of hand-to-hand, just without damage bonus - right?

The soldier protests being used as a javelin repository. Briefly. He's got keys, and a wallet with some paper currency you've never seen before. The ID has a picture of him, but the rest of it is undecipherable. He's got good boots and clothing.

Technical answers: 1) Nope. 2) Um.... nope. 3) Yup, about 20 meter range.

Zaal: "Zool just told me he was contacted telepathically by Poad. Kind of freaked him out that he must have been marked by him in the past, but he doesn't think Poad's going to rat them out. Anyway, I guess we're being watched by a bunch of other demons. Aroarm has gone to the elder demons to request that he be allowed to cross over and get us."

Poad is a professional scout demon you know of - severely insane.

Aroarm is a bruiser demon - kind of a local enforcement guy.

We take the keys and currency, and if his boots fit me better than the ones I currently have, I'll swap. Likewise with the pants. I think I'll avoid the uniform coat though. If there are overt insignia on the helmet, I will scratch/claw/pry them off - assuming it fits on my head in a way that obscures the horns.

Once the meditation is done, we'll slink back to the village to look for mechanized locomotion.

"Zaal, any chance you can earn experience in your current state?"

If we are under constant observation already, it might be necessary to devote points to telepathy to keep our plans secretive. Unless Chinese or Japanese are rarely understood by Demons.

Say, you mentioned that there is a 10-times distance discrepancy between realms - which way is that multiplier? In case it means we can outrun our observers.

The helmet obscures the horns, but up close it will look obvious you've got something there as the helmet doesn't fit snug on your head. From a distance it should work ok.

Zaal: "Doubt it. You're not the first demon to think of trying to earn experience while possessing someone on Earth."

1 km on Earth = 10 km in the Demon realm.

Upon returning to the village, you are spotted by a couple of people. They're wearing odd clothing too, but not like the soldier. Also, they let their face fur all grow out, which isn't the custom in this area. They point their guns at you and start babbling at you in an unknown language.

Zaal mutters: "Ug, not again."

Clearly, we suck massively at the whole "slink" concept. Being green has some disadvantages. At least I'm earning experience quickly.

Zuul hold his hands up, but does not venture far from cover. [In Chinese]: "Either of you speak Chinese?" [In Japanese]: "Or Japanese?"

Also worth knowing is how far away these gun-toting goons are, and what sort of guns they're toting. I'm guessing that there's little likelihood of Zuul being able to note if they're either aiming or acquiring.

Another technical question:
Is it possible to inflict stun damage with hand-to-hand? With the relative lack of general healing capabilities, it might be useful for leaving some opponents capable of answering questions.

They continue to babble at you in whatever language they're speaking. One of them gestures for you to sit down while the other one starts going towards the nearest building - which happens to be the temple you were originally at. They are both carrying rifles, and it appears they each have a holstered pistol as well. The one nearest you is about 20 meters away.

You can inflict stun damage if you took the Striker option 'stun'.

I had forgotten about the "virtual damage" option. Not usually my style. When I went to verify the terminology at the COG site, it returned an error message. Odd.

Once the further goon's attention wavers from Zuul, he hoofs it back into the woods by way of what cover is available.

I should probably apologize in advance for how many times I'm going to abuse that pun.

The nearby goon shoots at you; manages a hit into your shoulder, but doesn't give chase into the forest and you heal up quick. I assume you grabbed Zaal first.

Zaal relays a message from Zool, who got a message from Toad. Aroarm's request to come get you was denied because the elders already sent someone.

Zaal should be generally riding on my shoulders, clutching horns.

Zuul tries a more-careful circumnavigation of the village, to see if he can glimpse what's going on. And to see what vehicles there are to see.

You stay in the shadows and while you think the guys can hear you tromping about, they can't see you. There doesn't seem to be any obvious signs of motorized transport. But you do spot a bicycle. You'd have to deal with the two goons to get it though. The second goon comes out of the temple and they start a frantic conversation.

That's Zuul's cue to get the fuck outta Dodge. I was hoping to dust observers with overwhelming speed, but we'll just have to mess with them with plain old hooves. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure I don't want to face whomever they sent after Zuul quite yet, and frantic conversations from NPC's is never a good sign.

Zuul makes haste in whatever direction is most expedient in terms of rate, cover, and stealth. The intention is to cover ground as quickly as possible for a good 5 km, then start adjusting vector to head towards the city with the nearest bloodsucker. Pace to be appropriate considering about 30+ km to cover.

Setting question: what is the terrain and climate here, and what is the season?

Game Night - August 28, 2014

[Lies to be told here.]

Plot Infliction 002 - Daytime Skulking

Zuul drags his still-green but now twice-as-scary self out of the sewer pipe, and tries to find a nearby hiding spot in which to meditate.

Easily done. The city seems agitated, and a lot of people are meandering towards the downtown area. You can find a hiding spot on the outskirts of town easily enough. The only people you encounter while meditating are some confused looking children wandering around. They don't spot you.

Excellent. Let there be a A Good Hint. Or a few, depending on how much time Zuul has.

First factoid is rate of energy drain, how much energy Zuul is at, and how much energy from eating vampiric hearts. Then, if the meditation isn't too slow, perhaps a lead on a backup vampire, if the local one is still too tough. Then it should be about time to re-WOPAH! and head to the rendezvous with Zaal.

Your good hint gives you images of an equation in big flaming digits: 48 + 4 + 1 - 10 = 43.

As you start to meditate for the next one, you see a bald, tattooed covered, Caucasian, muscular guy. He's armed with a gajillion throwing knives, plus a couple swords. Same odd clothing as the last guy, though a little rougher. He has a look of confused insanity about him, and is wandering about searching for something. He's likely going to pass by your hiding spot within about 20 rounds.

I'm sure the flaming digits will make more sense if Zuul ever gets another chance to do another good hint to evaluate the delta.

Meanwhile, 20 rounds is clearly insufficient for finishing getting back the WOPAH!, so I guess Zuul is going to just hope he wanders by without noticing. The array of throwing utensils is compelling, however. I start putting 0-point marks on his edged stuff.

Well, it seems this guy has the awareness of a tree-stump. He wanders past your hiding spot and keeps going. Then he gets an arrow in the arm. You see those children that were wandering around earlier run behind a barn and this guy bellows in rage and chases after them.

You're able to meditate another good hint. What'll it be this time?

I think Zuul is going to save the good hints for when he's in a less precarious location. Instead, he's going to invest in a permanent WO-PAH and a permanent locate. Then he's going to skulk towards the nominal rendezvous with Zaal.

For clarity, the preferred skulking would be to avoid open spaces - indeed, trying to stay within sprinting distance of cover from range weapons as much as possible. If the proposed rendezvous ends up being outside the checkpoint, Zuul, will go well out of his way to keep out of sight.

Additionally, Zuul will be feeling about for sparks of demon-ness to consume.

The rendezvous was going to be around the entrance to the city on that road you were on. From a distance, you can see a number of armed men manning the checkpoint. Other random people are around as well.

As for sparks of demon-ness, you think you sense something from a templeish looking building.

Game Night - September 12, 2014

[Blinded by awesomeness. Mostly by virtue of refusing to fight fairly.]

Plot Infliction 003 - A Quick Pint

Looking for a pub with a covered outdoor section. If necessary, Zaal can go in to get the beverages.

Game Night - September 20, 2014

Nothing like intermediate scale demons to spoil your morning brunch.

Plot Infliction 004 - A Quick Pint (Mark II)

You find a tavern near the hospital. There's about 20 people in it, and they stare at you briefly as you walk in, but then proceed to ignore you.

Ah, civilization.

Zuul leads Zaal to slouch up to the bar, where we order some saké and ask about finding vampires. Because being subtle is for beings that aren't running out of energy to stay in this dimension.

Now that you've had a couple Good Hint's on the subject, you have a good idea how the interdimensional tug works. For a normal person's heart, there's a 50/50 chance you gain an hour. For a vampire's heart you gain 4 hours. For a mentalists heart, you gain 4 hours for each point of magic they have. Once you run out of hours you'll get sucked back into the demon realm.

The bartender stares at you blankly. Like you've grown a second head or something. He gives you your saké and moves on to another customer.

So it goes. Zuul burns a point of MBA to get a direction on a 4+ point heart to eat. If any quiet opportunities to eat a heart present themselves, they may be siezed.

As you do a locate, you get a feeling of a direction of a heart to eat. It's not in the bar, but still close by - probably within a km. You also notice a woman in the bar approaching you. She looks terrified and appears to have been crying. She's wearing a somewhat bulky coat so it's hard to tell if she's armed or not. As she reaches you, says in a shaky voice. "Wh-why are you hu-hunting vampires?"

Zuul regards the over-dressed female with a calm smile. "I hear that if you catch one, they have to tell you where their pot of gold is. Also, it is rumoured that they have excellent fashion sense, and I am in dire need of a makeover. Speaking of which, would you mind easing my paranoia by showing me what's under that coat?"

The woman slowly unzips her coat and opens it. Strapped to her chest are a couple charges of C4, and wrapped around her midsection is a whole bunch of dynamite. She tearfully says. "If you try to run, I doubt you'll get out of the area of effect in time. The detonator is triggered by a cell phone signal, so if you attack this woman it won't matter. So let's try a real answer this time - why are you hunting vampires?"

A waitress at a nearby table suddenly goes stiff, then wanders over and says to the explosive woman. "You don't want to kill him."

Explosive woman (E.W.): "Why not?"

Possessed waitress (P.W.): "I don't know. My prescience is being blocked, which is all sorts of creepy, but what I get tells me it could be really bad."

EW: "Right... and who the hell are you?"

PW: "Vasiliev."

EW: "Seriously? I thought you were dead. Haven't heard from you in over a century."

PW: "Yeah, I've been doing the hermit thing. But when I felt those witches mess up I decided to try and figure out what was going on. Haven't had much luck yet."

EW: "So, can't kill this guy? I was really looking forward to blowing something up." The woman chokes back a sob at this point.

PW: "Not yet. At least not until I can figure out what's going on. I just get a feeling that killing him could bring about some even worse nastiness."

EW: "Well, when you figure it out, let me know ok." The explosive woman turns to you. "Looks like you get a reprieve." The woman visibly relaxes. She turns to go.

The possessed waitress remains. "So, I guess I've got the same question, but not with the 'blow your brains out' threat to go along with it. Are you hunting vampires? Also, you seems to be some sort of nexus for what those witches did - got any info you can share with me?"

"First thinga first: Who are you, who the fuck was that, and do you have any clean underwear I can change into?"

The waitress shrugs. "The name's Vasiliev. I'm a vampire up in Siberia. Not sure who exactly was controlling that woman - obviously a local vampire mentalist with some influence in the area."

"Hello Vasiliev, you can call me Dana. Do you know what I am?"

"You're ugly.

"Technically true, but the key attribute relevant to this discussion is 'non-human'. I got displaced interdimensionally by those witches. When I run out of power, I'm going to snap back. I am looking for sources of power to delay that, partially because that might cause 'Bad Things' to happen."

Vasiliev: "Ah, a demon. Thought the head looked funny. Now admittedly, it's been a while since demonology was practiced regularly. However, from what I remember, the only way to extend your stay here is by the mentalist who summoned you giving you more juice. I'm going to hazard a guess that the witch who summoned you isn't around to do that?"

Another voice: "Actually, he ate her heart. It was epic."

You're all startled by the demon who just spoke. He's a little guy, about a meter tall. Horned, a tail, looks like a classic imp. After a moment of confusion, you recognize him as Poad, the demon who was feeding you intel earlier.

Zuul resists screaming and running in paranoia, and tries on a wolfish smile instead. "Poad! Is this an Officially Sanctioned visit?"

-dramatic pause-

"Tell me, was there a surplus of non-natives wandering about in a confused fashion after you came? Because it seems that there is some considerable inter-dimensional instability after my accidental translocation, and I wonder about how fractured the situation is."

Poad: "Yup. Don't worry though, I'm not being terribly efficient on tracking you down. At least as far as they know. When I run out of juice, I'll let them know where you are, but then they have to get here and by the time they do, you can be long gone. Besides, soon I think they're going to go the route of possessing humans and coming after you instead of sending demons." He pauses as if he's annoyed he had to explain all that before getting to the good stuff.

"So, what's with the chick at the other bar?" You guys all follow his gaze and you see a leather-clad woman, with sword and shield having a heated discussion with a bartender in an adjoining room. The heated discussion is mostly from her frustration at the bartender not understanding a word he says.

After a casual glance to determine how much imminent menace the female warrior represents, Zuul gives a tired look at Poad and Vasiliev. "As I said, apparent fractured inter-dimensional situation - there are beings from all sorts of dimensions here. I've seen her type before - I encountered a skilled combatant with a gourd full of fucking healing potion. Bastard even killed me briefly. Very unpleasant, I don't recommend it."

I'd be interested in hearing how Vasiliev appears to be reacting overall. I have hopes that he's an Old One who might help me track down and kill off surplus younger vampires.

It's hard to gauge Vasiliev through the woman he's possessing, mostly because your casual glance at the warrior attracts all of your attention.

She finally gives up talking at the bartender, pulls out her sword and attacks him. He's so stunned by the turn of events, that he doesn't duck very well... and gets a sword in the head. The warrior then turns on the various patrons of the bar and with a cool evil smile starts killing everyone. Those that get beyond her reach are smacked with blunt telekinesis.

Vasiliev: "Well that's interesting."

Poad: "What's interesting is that she literally appeared out of nowhere. There was a slight shimmer in the air and then she appeared."

They're both saying this as they back away from the direction of the woman.

Game Night - September 25, 2014

After a frank exchange with some locals, and an inter-dimensional attack blender, Zuul was given a helicopter ride to Nippon. Wandering slaughter ensued, as Zuul enjoyed being 'professional'.

Plot Infliction 005 - Japan e yōkoso

Speaking of being professional, it's time to ditch the ridiculous quiver of femur-javelins. They were an amusing quirk to celebrate being demonic, but they're not sufficiently functional to warranty hauling around - or even the time they took to make. Perhaps it's also time to ditch the lame costume, and just relax into functional wear. And maybe some braids.

Game Night - October 2, 2014

Robot robot robot. And Zuul played head games with some police in a vampire-run city.

Plot Infliction 006 - Waiting For The Vampires

"Waiting for the vampires" sounds like some sort of emo song.

You see a large group of people emerge from the city and head in your direction. There's torches. And pitchforks.

"Large" is a bit ambiguous when we are referring to mobs. Can you clarify that? Torches and pitchforks aren't too worrisome; are there range weapons in evidence?

Game Night (or 2) - October 17, 2014

After drooling over the prospect of the Skunk Works fusion project...

Ran into some AIF beings, some of which were Xoids that put up a good fight. Met a tough vampire named Sathival, who was obnoxious. Got up to 4th stage badass. Found he could briefly travel to other realities while a gateway was open.

Prescience revealed that he is a Band-Aid on this reality, and if he dies there is currently a 36% chance this reality will self-destruct. But, he's evil, so doesn't bug him that much. Contemplated going back to the demon realm.

Plot infliction 007 - To the city of happy meals

Sathival shows up at your side. "So, did some prescience did you. Find out anything interesting?"

"Yes, I think so. Thanks for asking. It is nice to have somebody nearby who cares."

Zuul will then proceed to climb a tree with nicely-obscuring branches imparting a healthy bonus to hide, and do some more meditation.

Sathival stares at you while you hide, with an amused look on his face.

"Wow. I forgot what it was like to be not sneaky." He does a quick look around. "How about I hide you right... about... here." He then hides near a rock, which seems a completely idiotic place to hide. But, you completely loose sight of him. He steps out a moment later.

Zuul does not move.

"How about we apply my level of stealth as a filter: anybody who doesn't spot me is probably not worrying about, anybody who does spot me might be worthwhile for you to play with."

Which is not to say that Zuul doesn't make a note of the superior hiding spot. You know - just in case.

Sathival shrugs and hides again. An hour goes by. The inter-dimensional rift open and out pops a couple humans and a strange amphibian looking creature. Before anyone can do anything Sathival jumps them. There's a brief battle and Sathival does take a couple hits before the shock-shooter is taken down, but in the end he feeds on all three.

He calls up: "There's three hearts here if you want them, but watch out for the slimey dude. He tastes kind of funky."

Your meditation gives you... 5 mba points.

Well, that works pretty well.

"How very excellent of you." Zuul hops down, and consumes the alien hearts. He doesn't know it, but I suppose it's possible that one of them might have even been a mentalist.

Then it's time to burn another juicy-morsel-class prescience. "Why am I here?"

It was almost "Why am I stuck here?", but figured that was too limiting.

No mentalists among the alien hearts.  :( Only one of them gives you a hell point.

The "Why am I here?" question give you an caricature image of that initial witch with her saying "Oops" in a speech bubble. You do glean some underlying information though. She was trying to create a magical entity that would block any demon trying to possess a human. However, in trying to establish a connection between the two realms for the magical entity to use, the portal opened and you were sucked through.

That's probably enough meta for now. Zuul returns to his tree, gets comfortable, and resumes meditation.

Sathival hides such that you can see him, but you're pretty sure no one else can.

"So, did you know there are two of you living in that body?"

"Nope. That's news to me. Is it like a mentalist hitchhiker sort of situation, or do you happen to notice a sort of 'magical entity' sort of vibe stuck on my hoof?"

"Not sure. I've got permanent read emotion at the moment, and I get two vibes from you. I just noticed because one of them was really annoyed that I killed those aliens."

Well, that's fascinating. Zuul attempts a locate in his own mind. Anticipating failure of that, he'll also think loudly, "I know you're in here. Let's talk. "

No luck. The locate doesn't reveal anything obvious and the loud thinking isn't answered.

All righty then, Zuul will dunk his last point of MBA into a permanent Read Emotion as well, and see what he can glean.

In fact, he'll meditate on whatever empathic aura he can divine from himself.

Permanent read emotion... the first thing you sense is a vague feeling of fear and anger coming back from the direction of the city. As you focus on yourself, you first sense your own emotional state, which turns into a feedback loop of evil emotions that is kind of groovy. But among that you sense another source of emotion - seems currently annoyed. It's not really located anywhere specific on you, but you can tell it's separate from your own mind. You get the feeling it's not really intelligent - a pure instinct type of entity.

Sathival: "See what I mean?"

"I do see what you mean. Interesting."

Let there be meditation.

More meditation - you get 5 points this hour. More Xoids come through this time and Sathival dispatches them - though it's a bit longer of a fight. He uses a lot more of his stealth this time. You'd guess his awareness is above 20. You get the feeling he's enjoying himself.

You sense much annoyance out of your invisible companion.

Another juicy morsel?

Zuul was intending to just save the charged-up MBA for tactical goodness in his ongoing quest for combat experience. But the realization that he's a pan-dimensional steed causes him some pause. And it is awfully convenient timing for cranking through meditative hours with Sathival lurking nearby eating most threats.

Juicy Morsel: "What is this other entity going to do?"

The entity is going to do what it has always done - which involves what you were thinking when it was first formed. It formed inside you and your thoughts at the time brought about it's purpose.

So, essentially, it's an entity obsessed with Zuul gaining experience. Which could explain why it's annoyed when Sathival does all the fighting. Interesting. Perhaps its magical existence could protect Zuul from the no-experience voodoo back in the demon realm...

Not that Zuul would stand much of a chance in the demon realm anyway, at least not yet. So that's a question to divine later.

For now, Zuul will awkwardly re-assume a wilted-lotus position, and meditate.

With your emotional detection, you can sense when the entity is going to open another portal. It's feeling of annoyance ebbs and is replaced with giddy anticipation and a touch of hostility towards Sathival. You notice the shimmer of the portal and the emotional feeling of the entity quickly changes to that of 'oops', and then fear.

It's another robot this time - not humanoid. It's smaller than the last bunch and the construction seems different, more efficient looking. Looks kind of crab-like. (Duh, duh, DUUUUN!) Sathival attacks it... and misses. It seems to easily scuttle out of the way of his sword. Sathival has a 'wait... what?' look about him, as the robot grows. A humanoid torso exudes from the crab like lower half and it brandishes a couple of evil looking rifles. Superheated plasma makes a couple of nice holes in Sathival's surprised looking face. Sathival dives into the forest and disappears.

The robot snaps it's attention to you and stares for a brief moment. It's will power dwarfs yours so all you can really do is stare back as it mesmerizes you. Your entity's emotional state is that of 'oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck'"

Finally, it says: "Can you understand me?" Before you can answer, your subconscious reaction tells it you can, so it then says. "Good. You have 60 seconds to tell me everything related to my arrival here. Then I'm going to hunt down the human. If I'm satisfied with your explanation I'm less likely to kill you before I go."

The intense will power stare subsides a bit allowing you to find your voice again.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is telling him to bugger off, and 10 is telling him everything, how blurby are you going to be? Mostly interested in anything you don't want to tell it.

Niiiiiice twist! Not just the Tundak, but also pointing out that it's the Other entity actively creating the interdimensional portals.

I refuse to be confined to a simple axis of disclosure! Or to give up an opportunity to be a jackass to a super-powerful being.

"First: Confirmed - I understand you. Second: that wasn't exactly a human. Third: a mentalist accidentally created a magical entity that lives in my mind that creates interdimensional portals. Fourth: you were portal-ed here because the magical entity is an idiot."

Was there, by chance, some MBA recharged before the Tundak arrived?

Yes to MBA... woo! you got six that time. Or whatever your max is.

Sathival (mentally): "Keep it talking!!"

Tundak: "A magical entity that lives in your mind?" He considers a moment. "When I get back, you will instruct this entity to re-open the portal to my dimension."

It disappears into the forest in the direction Sathival went.

And there's an earthquake. Because, well, Japan. You figure about a 4 on the richter scale and it last about a minute.

To Sathival: "Oh, you might be fucked. Keep running, dude."

Zuul currently has 3 MBA invested, so can only gain 5. He will crank up the permanent read-emotion into permanent alter-thought. Let's just see how much Zuul can influence the Other entity...

Mhaaa haa haa... Sathival has a really good sneak/hide, so it takes a while for the Tundak to find him.

The entity seems relieved that the Tundak is gone.

Assuming that alter-thought includes the abilities of the lesser forms, Zuul will start also listening to the Other entity's thought-like considerations and feelings. Is it actively building up to create a new inter-dimensional portal? Can it decide what dimension to connect with?

The entity has the intelligence of a dumb poodle. Hard to get specific readings on it's thoughts. But you do get the feeling of some energy building up. Plus the fact that the portals come about in one hour intervals instead of right after one another suggests some energy is expended to get them.

Well, I suppose that this turns into a nerve-wracking wait to see what the Tundak's mood is when it returns.

Meanwhile, Zuul will try to mentally force the Other entity to wait on the portal-ing, while also applying emotional modulation to calm it.

Game Night - October 30, 2014

  • Tundak returned and eventually left through the next portal - after taking a parting shot at Zuul.
  • Found Sathival's body and ate his heart - got an enormous power boost.
  • Gleaned some more information on the entity by mentally observing it's thoughts/feeling.
  • Fought some Palestinians.
  • Conversation with Poad. Earthquakes are planet-wide.
  • Fought another flying demon after luring it to ground level.
  • Decided not to fight a tough looking Israeli with a large assault weapon.
  • Ended up at the outskirts of a large Japanese city.

Plot infliction 008 - Smorgasbord

Another earthquake happens as you approach.

It seems likely that this dimension is suffering some unusually large strains, and our existence here is temporary. Which feeds Zuul's ambition to wrest the ability to dimension jump. And fart rainbows.

Firing up the "ignore-me" glamour will look for both vampires and worthy adversaries. Assuming that there isn't some ridiculous gate or sentry boundary to overcome, obviously.

Game Night - November 6, 2014 - The great escape

  • Found a bar to hang out in and get info from.
  • Ignored a Palestinian that came through the portal. Mentally nudged him towards a vampire bar.
  • Followed the Palestinian until his mark died abruptly. Continued on towards the vampire bar.
  • A patrol of two vampires were fought, de-limbed, and killed. Escaped before more soldiers arrived.
  • Another two vampires spotted him - hid in a building to recuperate.
  • Jeeps with 3Dx10 assault weapons arrived on the scene. Hilarity ensued.
  • Path of least resistance were 15 Japanese soldiers.
  • Almost the victim of Dynamite, but managed to get out of range in time (mostly). Shot through a maintenance shaft like a cannonball.
  • Ended up in an abandoned subway tunnel, hanging out with a couple of bums.

Plot infliction 009 - In the subway

While meditating, you continue to get a feel for what your entity is feeling/thinking. During the times between portals it seems to be meditating as well, building up a charge for the next portal. You can sense through it the 4 main alternate realities hovering around this one - you've figured out which is the AIF one and which is the Israeli one, but you're not sure which is which on the other two. There's also a whole slew of other realities hovering on the edge of it's perception. You notice that one of these realities on the edge is coming to the forefront. The next portal might bring something different.

Well, another dimension sounds like a terrifying prospect. Time to review all the games I can think of, and quiver in horror at the possibilities.

It definitely seems like the thing to do will be to slightly delay the portalling until after Zuul's meditation is complete, so that he can re-locate someplace with better tactical amenities. Which, mostly involves better hiding and more alternate directions for whatever plops through to head off in. Instead of being stuck in close quarters with Zuul and his guard bums.

During your meditation you get a mental nudge on your brain: "Um... excuse me? Are you the demon-y thing that's stuck here wrecking reality?"

Zuul responds to the mental nudger. "I am the Gatekeeper for Gozer the Gozerian, Volguus Zildrohar, Lord of the Sebouillia. Are you the Keymaster?"

Meanwhile, Zuul needs to think of a way to ask his guard bums if they can think of a good place for a 15-meter tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to instantiate.

Game Night - November 13, 2014 - Universe Sampling

  • The entity sampled some combatants from more obscure universes. The Uruk-Hai was an intense fight. The Stormtroopers were lame. The Klingons were left to fight some locals.
  • Zuul finished off a vampire that had fought with the Klingons.
  • Encountered a potential companion - a 1st stage scout named Akio.

Plot infliction 010 - I hear voices

You get another mental nudge. "Hello again. Can we talk?" It's a female sounding mental voice, and you get the feeling that there are others on the same mental frequency.

"Hello again. Who are 'we'? And what would we like to talk about?"

"'We' are a bunch of mentalists that are hoping to ward off the end of reality by helping you. At least we would if we thought you'd trust us, which from what we've gleaned through prescience, you're not the trusting sort. Though maybe if we showed you that..."

Another voice breaks in: "What Jezebel is trying to say is we'd like help. Don't mind her, teenage girls tend to babble."

Jezebel: "I was not babbling. Anyway, first thing - you don't need to eat hearts. Just dump points into your entity and it will do the same thing."

Yet another voice (with a bit if disgust in his inflection): "I think it likes eating hearts."

F a s c i n a t i n g.

Zuul attempts to shift a Hell Point into his empty MBA slot. Because if it can transfer one way, why not the other? Then we could ditch all that annoying meditation and just focus on eating hearts.

"Just to clarify, what exactly do you think will cause the end of reality, and how do you think it can be saved?"

L.M.A.O. I didn't think of that. I'm going to say that works 'cause it's so damn funny. There's a bit of resistance as the entity tries to hold onto the points, and you figure that if your hell points were below 50 it wouldn't work. Also, you can't get more points than your current maximum.

You sense a collective groan from your mental chorus as the experiment works. The disgusted voice says: "Told ya."

Jezebel: "The witches accidently created your entity, and it has weakened the barriers between realities by bringing people over for you to fight. Unfortunately if you die, the entity dies and while it's weakening the barrier between realities, it is also holding the rift all together. You're like a big bandage on reality. But eventually the bandage will fail all on it's own. Either way, we're all screwed. We need to figure out a way to fix things."

The 2nd person who talked before - you get a feeling his name is Greg: "And that's about all we've got via prescience so far, but we're still working on it. Everything else we've tried to glean on how to fix it hasn't made sense mostly because we don't have the science for it."

Disgusted voice - let's call him Foster: "We're so screwed."


"Tell me about the earthquakes. And see if you can divine for me the how and what of returning to Hell. "

Foster: "The earthquakes are a manifestation of the weakening of reality. It's only happening here because we're ground-zero. But eventually it will spread to all the other realities, including hell. It'll probably be exponential. Earth will be a giant volcanic mess within a month or two, and the entire universe will probably be toast within a year."

Jezebel: "We don't know that for sure."

Foster: "Yeah, well, you're just in denial."

Well, that's fun.

"How cheerful. Any insight about actual ways to prevent the collapse of reality? We'll have more meaningful interaction if there is actually something to collaborate on."

And, of course, Zuul is trying not to dwell on how many MBA points this posse has collectively...

Jezebel: "We need a scientist to help us. The problem is that there are no scientists on Earth advanced enough to even touch this problem. We're hoping you could bring one in from one of your alternate realities."

Game Night - November 20, 2014 - A Demon Walks Into A Bar

  • There is a brief struggle with the Other Entity after it learns that it too can steal Hell Points to open interdimensional portals whenever it likes.
  • One of said spontaneous portals inducted a fighter and a cleric from the Hyboria universe, which turned into an intermediate-scale energy blast-fight. Very spectacular.
  • Hunting for vampires in a bar turned out to be less stealthy than ideal - turned out not to matter too much. Using extra +6 to parry in combat with a quartet of assault weapon was extra-entertaining.
  • Demon bounty-hunter portalled in. He was very tough.
  • Demon bounty-hunter had some flying demon buddies lurking outside the bar. The arrival of assault weapon jeeps helped with them. Probably still have one flying demon tracking Zuul.
  • Another bar, terrorizing more vampires when VORP - in portalled a giant demon. Instead of running in abject terror, Zuul powered up some intermediate-scale energy discharge, and proceeded to rip the giant demon apart. Very, very satisfying. Especially the part where Zuul was hiding on its head when it regained consciousness, and reading its thoughts could hear panicked warnings from the Hell dimension, "He's on your head! He's on your head!" Taunted them all telepathically then blew the giant demons head off.
  • Zuul became seasoned. Now he's pretty terrifying.

Plot infliction 011 - Poke Poke Poke

All righty then. It seems like it should be possible to point the Other Entity at the AIF universe, feed it a Hell Point to open a portal, jump through and shunt another Hell Point into staying there for an hour.

Yup, sounds about right.

Let's give it a try.

Thrummm. Poke-vlorp. Hop. Poke-zorpa-zorpa-zorpa...

Game Night - November 27, 2014 - Dimension Hopping

"I'm feeling quite deadly.

...Probably from all that killing I've been doing."

Plot Infliction 012 - PAUSE FOR GIGGLING


Game Night - December 5, 2014 - Nerd Hunt

  • returned to Blood, and decided to recharge Hell Points by raiding a Vampire bar
  • popped over to AIF universe to seek a suitable scientist for dimensional stabilization
    • messy kerfuffle in an eclectic drinking establishemnt
    • obtained a guide to a university
    • dragged a grad student back to Blood
  • sniper waiting for Zuul's return
  • Akio blitched by a heavy assault weapon jeep
    • vengeance required
      • dumped MBA into stealth to sneak up on jeep responsible
      • left grad student hidden
      • used glamour to help distract jeeply victims
      • was assassinated anyway - got up and drove away
  • grad student's mark started moving, which was a bad sign...

Plot Infliction 013 - A Haiku

haikus are easy

but sometimes they don't make sense


Plot!? We don't need no stink'n plot!

Anyway... yeah, grad student is moving off. At the speed he's going, you're guessing he's trying to sneak away.

Sneak away? Awww. Isn't that cute.

Zuul drives the jeep until he comes to some random person, then he'll Command them to drive the jeep as quickly as they can. Zuul will not be in jeep, but rather sneaking back to get the grad student.

Game Night - December 11, 2014 - Oh, Look: A Batori

  • The jeep drove off and Zuul was left with going after the grad student. Unfortunately, the students attempt to sneak away attracted the attention of some soldier and he was captured. Zuul figured that he was going to disappear back to his dimension soon anyway and left him to his fate.
  • Headed towards a vampire bar and attacked a lone vampire.
  • During the fight, the entity tried to force a portal open, but Zuul resisted. Vampire was killed rather easily, with little experience earned. This irritated the entity.
  • Zuul finally let the entity open a portal. The entity pulled through a Batori. Figured it would be a good challenge.