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Intelligence Requirement:High (4)
Stage Stamina:1D-1 (0-5)
to Persuade+2 : 1-2 (roll 1D6)

+3 : 3-4

+4 : 5-6
to Pilfer+2 : 1-2 (roll 1D6)

+3 : 3-4

+4 : 5-6
MBA+0 : 2 - 11 (roll 2D6)
+1 : 12

Negotiations are the forte of the diplomat. Diplomats have the ability to achieve compromises and solutions without expensive rivalry and bloodshed. They are also the masters of manipulation, often taking advantage of the weak willed. A group who has a Diplomat as their spokesbeing will find it much easier when interacting with others.

The most important aspect of a diplomat is their ability to convince or persuade others to see things as they do. When using their will power to try and convince another, they get to add to their rolls their significant bonus to persuade. This will often make the difference during discourse. Their bonus, however, is only in persuasion. Any other will power role will be unaffected. Diplomats are adept at slight of hand techniques, giving them a substantial bonus to pilfer. Finally, due to the increased mental focus a stage of diplomat gives, there is a slight chance that they will gain one mentally based ability point and thereafter the ability to gain more.

Diplomats have the ability to be very likable when they want to be. They usually have a wide range of knowledge of cultures, customs, and languages. They usually can determine the nature of anyone who isn't trying to hide it from them.