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Discourse is the communication that occurs before a potential conflict. It includes impassioned pleas for peace, vile threats, simple gestures, or just a malicious gleam in the eyes. This is a diplomat's or leader's opportunity to influence an opposing party. The deciding factor in this type of non-physical conflict is will power. This is usually accomplished by having both parties (the prusuader, and the pursuadee) roll 2 dice, and add their will power and any bonuses they may have.

The most common function of discourse is to avoid physical conflict. In a confrontation where both parties are nearly evenly matched physically, but one is unwilling to engage, discourse can be used to convince the aggressors that the fight would not be won, or worth their effort. Usually, near ties will not have much effect, but successes of 5 or more points will allow the respite necessary for a quiet exit.