Giamon Empire

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The leaders of the Giamon Empire are made up of two species - Human and Daemon. During the initial Trupepol war, a small number of the Humans on Old Earth disagreed with their people's views and actions against the rest of the galaxy. These liberal Humans encountered a small reconnaissance force from the Confederation which had managed to reach Old Earth. The Humans were smuggled off of Old Earth and they settled in an uninhabited system. They named their new home Gia.

The Daemon race originated on the planet Guyron, located in one of the few explored areas of the Andromeda galaxy. During the death throws of the Confederation, the Daemons attacked the fleet of Confederation ships that was fleeing from the First Galaxy to Andromeda. While most of the Daemon ships were destroyed a small part of their armada ended up on the First Galaxy side of the Confederation fold space and were stranded there.

With the Confederation gone there was an immense vacuum of influence and power. Many smaller kingdoms and empires formed and grew quickly as individual systems allied themselves with whomever they thought would be best for trade and military protection. When the Daemons arrived in the First Galaxy, they encountered the Gians and the two peoples decided they would prosper more as a joined unit, rather than separate entities. The Gians had resources, experience in the First Galaxy, and refined training in the use of mentally based abilities. The Daemons had an armada of ships, centuries of varied skills and experience, and their sheer size and abilities made them formidable combatants.

The forging of the Giamon Empire was a great success. Soon hundreds of smaller kingdoms and systems were joining the Giamon Empire causing a quick period of growth. The initial population of about 10000 Gians and 300 Daemons soon mushroomed to a population of trillions. The Gians and Daemons became the leaders of the vast empire. The surge of growth slowed to a trickle once the Giamon Empire expanded to control almost a quarter of the First Galaxy.