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AIF takes place around 3000 years from now. However, games can be played in any time period up to that. Note that this history of the universe is what we have played and developed. We encourage you to create (and play) your own.


There are many empires and organizations which play an important role in the shaping of our AIF universe. Here are just a few of them:

Past Powers

Confederation Empire spanning the First, Second, and Third galaxies.  Destroyed circa 4900
Mop Squad Elite band of Confederation commandos.
Sandarak Empire Former galaxy spanning empire of Sandaraks.  Attempted invasion of Confederation space numerous times.
Ttaidaytadt Briefly took over the Third Galaxy.  Internal struggles tore them apart.   Rumored to be mentalists.

Current Powers

Dal Fona Organized group of Orbodun that hunt down dishonored members of their species.
Dossalth Resistance What remains of a former power in the third galaxy.  Struggling against their take over by the Kingdom of Thexd.
Giamon Empire Currently the largest empire in the First Galaxy.  Leaders composed of Daemons and mentalist Humans.
Kingdom of Thexd A significant kingdom in the third galaxy.  Does not play nice with others.
Kvankii-Lood Mafia Robot Mafia.  Focuses on drug trade.
Mercenary Guilds Large cells of combatants contracted to assist The Reich with the war in the Second Galaxy.
Missionaries Shape shifting scary supreme robots.
NastiDyne Largest company known to exist.
Neev Chor Anurian based Mafia inhabiting the Lublin Asteroid Belt.
Radicals Antagonist in the Third Galactic War.  Reputation of being terrorists for hire.
The Reich Current power in the Second Galaxy.  At war with the Xoids.
Trupepol Technophobe mentalists who attempted a take over of the First Galaxy.
Tundak Mafia Strongest organized crime syndicate in known space.
Xoids Insect like creatures involved in the 2nd Galactic War and the current invasion of the Second Galaxy.