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Intelligence Description
0 subnormal
1 simple
2 low
3 average
4 high
5 exceptional
6 genius
7 hypernormal

Intelligence is a character's mental aptitude in solving problems. It also includes learning ability, memory, quick thinking and imagination. This attribute is used often, both in character generation and in game play. The range for intelligence is from 0 to 7.

When choosing occupations, be sure to note the intelligence requirement. While most of the combat occupations only require the lowest of intelligence to excel in them, a large portion of the non-combat occupations require at least an average (3) intelligence.

During game play, a character's intelligence can come into play in numerous situations. If the characters are trying to solve a problem, the referee can give more hints to the characters with impressive intellect. Often there will be a roll of the dice involved. A simple way is to roll 1D6 and try to roll equal to or under your intelligence. If you succeed, the referee gives the hint. The decision to make the roll is completely in the hands of the referee. The player can't ask to make an intelligence roll to get a hint. For more difficult rolls, you can roll 1D6 (or more) and add it to your intelligence to beat a total the referee has in mind.

While intelligence is important in determining how well a character is able to analyse situations, it does not make low intelligence characters ineffectual. A character with simple intelligence can still be well versed in tactics and strategy, while a genius level character, besides being a good scientist, may not have the instincts for combat.