Kvankii-Lood Mafia

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When Kvankii-Loods first appeared circa 4600, they immediately became involved in organised crime. They established themselves in areas where their largest competitor - the Tundak Mafia, had little or no interest. Quickly their influence and their numbers grew. Many believe the Tundaks, having little or no competition for so long, largely ignored the Kvankii unless they infringed on the Tundak's business. Fortunately, the Kvankii where smart enough to keep a low profile, advancing their number without being direct competitors with the Tundaks. Soon, the Kvankii expanded to have sparse influence in most parts of known space.

The Kvankii-Lood Mafia is much more robot oriented than the Tundak Mafia. While the underlings of the Tundak Mafia are both biological and mechanical, the Kvankii Mafia is primarily made up of robots. The Kvankii also differ in goals and tactics. Their largest commerce is the drug trade, and have thousands of their members devoted to creating new ways to addict biological beings to their various products. This focus works well, as the Tundak Mafia has little interest in the drug trade. Kvankii also dabble in assassinations, extortion, kidnapping, and slavery. As an organisation, the Kvankii-Lood Mafia is petty and cruel. They rarely hesitate when it comes to violence, and will try to use, exploit or destroy everyone they encounter.

While powerful, the Kvankii-Lood Mafia is still nothing compared to the Tundak Mafia. They survive by not interfering with any Tundak business and by having a narrow focus. While the Tundaks have influence in virtually every inhabited planet in the galaxies, the Kvankii tend to focus on one world at a time. It is quite easy to find a planet with no Kvankii influence whatsoever, but when a planet does have a Kvankii presence they will usually be the dominant underground establishment.