Kvankii-Peep game

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AKA: "a horrifying game idea" game

Setting: post-AIF

Referee: RooK

Player(s): Dave - playing the Cadbury's Telepathic Cream in a Kvankii Egg.

Note: This is also meant to be a test of running Mentalist as a regular stage type. Assuming I can create such a thing first.


Planet Zelatyce is not a happy place. It is a smallish and crudely terraformed world created as a planet-sized suburb of thriving and dynamic city planet in a cooler orbit (both in terms of radiation flux from the system's star and closer alignment to the best part of the Golidocks Zone) for people insufficiently wealthy to afford living in such an important place. After said dynamic world was hit with a nova bomb, which shunted a surprisingly large portion of the star's actively fusing mass through a heavily-shielded foldspace, Zelatyce found itself not-quite orbiting a not-quite star and without the economic or political reasons for existence it once had.

As a result, most of the population of Zelatyce fled. Not to anywhere, necessarily, just not on the permanent nighttime and increasing chill of Zelatyce. First were the people with ships. Then went the people who worked on building themselves ships. After a few decades, this winnowed down Zelatyce's population to about 10% of what it had originally been. The people that stayed had various reasons for staying. Some had been born there, and felt like they should not abandon their home. Others were less sentimental and more just plain stubborn.

Most people living on Zelatyce are deeply pragmatic, concerned with the arrayed and endless task of turning a planetoid-sized neighborhood into a self-sufficient interstellar space station as the atmosphere gradually sublimates away and the upper layers get increasingly colder from the reduced insulation and almost-absent sunlight. Within the population also exists a clear vein of resentment. The earliest forms of that resentment was aimed squarely at the terrorists who had committed the act of planeticide, then shifted to those who were able to move on, and then finally ended up as a vague resentment for the structures of intergalactic society.

Quietly, there were some beings that chose to move Zelatyce. There's always people looking for the darkest, most out-of-the-way places to get lost in, to hide. But there were also those who saw Zelatyce as an opportunity. Most important among these: some Kvankii-Lood, and some Trupepol.

These particular Trupepol are very far from Old Earth, and trying to stay beneath the notice of the flourishing Gaiamon Empire. Their mission is to try to help nurture the spark of public resentment into a purifying flame of anti-machinery reformation. Awkwardly, they have come to more fully understand the implications of this particular planet needing life support, so have tempered their course to specifically target thinking machines. This has yielded some promising (to them) trends of thought to not only mistrust robots, but to be fearful of having biological beings infested with machines that affect their thinking. Their cherished core is an anti-nanoscopic-robot movement.

The Kvankii were originally drawn to the misery of hundreds of millions of low-prospect biological sentients, plus the undefended bounty of megatons of construction material. However, the emergence of the anti-machine movement led to their calculations of the probable presence of Trupepol mentalists. Which in turn gave them a nasty idea to try. Which is, as is well known, the favourite kind of idea for Kvankiis.


AKA: A nasty idea.

Having brought in a specialized operation team, the Kvankii's have stealthily found a low-level Trupepol subject. They studied the subject in as much detail as their most paranoid mathematical models would allow, given the reality-warping capabilities of Mentally Based Abilities. This allowed them to create a terrifyingly accurate construct of the Trupepol's external appearance. They then subdued the Trupepol without it even realizing what had happened. They then transferred the Trupepol's brain into the not-skull of the terrifyingly accurate construct. The construct mediates all of the Trupepol brains standard sensorium. Moreover, the construct has at least one stage of mathematician in order to seamlessly edit the sensory experience to manipulate the Trupepol's understanding of reality.

Character details and the constructs mission parameters to follow. Trupepol original: 25-point being. Kvankii construct: 31-point being, with no physical attribute being less than the Trupepol original.