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StrengthLow (2) - High (4)
SpeedLow (2) - Fast (6)
AgilityClumsy (1) - Exceptional (5)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Exceptional (5)
Hand to Hand+1
Size1 - 2 m., 40 - 70 kg.
Skill Adjustment-1

Mavvices are smallish, dark-skinned bipeds. Their most distinguishing features are their exceptionally large, pointed ears and their large folds of skin which enable them to glide. Other physical traits of Mavvices include four digits on the hands and feet, hooked claws on the feet for clinging, and generally lithe physiques.

Hearing is a Mavvice's primary sense as their eyes are small and of limited use. Their mammoth swiveling ears allow them to use acoustics for remarkably detailed perception. Virtually all noise acts as "illumination" for them, and they can emit sounds in a broad range of frequencies for echo location. Though this allows Mavvices to see in complete darkness, they have difficulty perceiving things at distances over a few hundred meters. Also, transparent surfaces such as glass are almost opaque to them.

The other remarkable and unique feature Mavvices have are flexible folds of skin down each side running from their wrists to their ankles. These membranes, when extended, allow them to glide in normal gravity (in atmosphere, of course). While not actually capable of flight, they can glide at a slope of about 45° in normal gravity (not counting updrafts), and they rarely have to worry about falling.

The mental traits of Mavvices are somewhat more complicated. Millennia ago, before they achieved interstellar travel, their peaceful home world was invaded by a particularly ruthless species of aliens. The Mavvices were technologically at a disadvantage and had little experience in warfare. They had to resort to genetically altering their soldiers for increased tactical intuition, athletics, and aggression. While they were successful and able to beat back the invaders, they were ultimately defeated by their own soldiers. The more aggressive variant prospered over the unaltered original, and today the vast majority of Mavvices are descended from the violence-prone stock. This has made the Mavvice species known for mental instability, propensity for violence, and a love of wanton destruction.