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A Missionary is one of the most powerful robots known to exist. There are only very few of them and they are the source of many legends and myth.

Their power lies in a technology that has yet to be duplicated - active metal. Active metal gives a Missionary it’s incredible shape shifting ability. They can alter their own design and shape into whatever they desire. They can transform ten kilograms of themselves every second. This also allows them to regain lost stamina at a rate of ten stamina per turn.

It is unknown who created these droids. There are many conflicting rumours concerning their origin. Some say they came from a hyper-advanced alien force outside known space. Some say the Confederation created them to assist in the Galactic Wars. There is even a rumour that they were originally designed as field medic droids. They are very secretive and rarely make their presence known. When they do make their presence known, unpredictable violence ensues. No one knows what motivates these droids, however, it is rumoured they are hunting for the scientists who created them.

Each Missionary has in excess of two hundred skill and thousands of points of stamina. Their physical statistics are all beyond hypernormal (7), and their intelligence is genius. While immensely powerful, they are rumoured to have one weakness. A massive electrical charge can supposedly disrupt the active metal and partially paralyse the robot.

Only two robots have ever been confirmed destroyed. One was trapped and then torn apart by repeated attacks with an energy grone. The other was incapacitated with the electrical output of a ship’s engines, and then destroyed conventionally. There are an unknown number remaining.

If a character ever encounters a Missionary it usually would be for one of two reasons. One, the character has something the Missionary wants. Two, the Missionary is bored and feels like toying with an unsuspecting adventurer. Both cases are usually lethal.