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Trop trolian.jpg
Intelligence Requirement:High (4)
Stage Stamina:2D (2-12)
Explosive Damage X+1
to Duck+1
to Sneak+1
to Hide+1
to Swipe Stuff+1
to Tamper+1

The munitionist has both specialised abilities with explosives plus numerous general abilities. Munitionists are used to penetrate enemy defences and to destroy major installations, such as buildings or bases.

A munitionist has the ability to make the most efficient use of explosives, effectively multiplying the damage inflicted. This multiplication factor is equal to the stage of munitionist plus one. So a first stage munitionist will inflict x2 damage with explosives; a second stage munitionist will inflict x3 damage, and so on. Along with this damage multiplier, a munitionist gains skills in duck, tamper, awareness, will power, and stealth.

In addition to these combat skills, a munitionist gains the ability to create explosives with common materials. A munitionist can create a 2D*stage-of-munitionist explosive per hour given adequate supplies (referee discretion). For most items of equipment, the general rule is that if it can be made to explode, a munitionist will know how to do it. Usually when attempting to turn an item of equipment into an explosive, a tamper role is involved. The difficulty of the tamper role usually depends on the sophistication of the equipment in question, security measures in place, and the referee's mood. Obviously, a munitionist's abilities will be accentuated by stages of technician.