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In combat with most weapons, the actual placement of the hit is important. To determine the placement of a normal hit or nick, roll one six-sided die (D). The numbers mean the following:

1 (one)a vital part has been hit
2 (two)the upper torso (chest)
3 (three)the lower torso (belly)
4 (four)an arm
5 (five)a leg
6 (six)the attacker may choose

Also, if the attackers total beats the defenders total by 10, the attacker may choose the placement.

The significance of the placement is made more apparent when considering Damage, and are further discussed there.

Hand-to-hand placements work the same way as standard combat, with the added note that beating a defender by 10 allows the attacker manipulation of the defender's body. This means that the attacker may disarm them, put them into a joint lock or hold, or make them fall down and be prone (-5 for defense).

Joint locks and other maneuvers are also discussed in the Damage section.