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The Radicals were once mostly thought to be an intergalactic terrorist organization, and the main aggressors in the 3rd Galactic War. Lately, though, they seem to be associated with the ongoing fight in the Second Galaxy against the Xoids. Their main source of infamy is their use of the cybernetic montrosities shown below:

Batori.jpg Zartaki.jpg Slu'vug.jpg

Notes on Batori

Functionally speaking, I don't think one is likely to encounter a Batori with an equivalent hand-to-hand (however the bonuses coalesce in stages of batori) of less than 9, and that they are much more commonly in the 12-15 range. Duck I feel shouldn't be less than 6, and most commonly in the 9-12 range. Damage should be about 3-dice, armour-normal, but with damage-addition capabilities of a 4th or 5th stage guerrilla, or with assassination bonuses similar to a 2nd stage assassin. I think that a total for sneak/hide should be around 12-16, and locates as being 8-12. Willpower should essentially be a non-issue - they do not go unconscious until after -0.5 total stamina or are generally ripped apart, they are never convinced of anything unless you speak the control words, and any mentalist reaching in for any reason should experience the emotional equivalent of dangling genitalia into a pit-bull's cage.

I think either biological or mechanical patches should work just fine on batori. I also like the idea of built in move boots, with variations for different individuals.