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A character's stamina is a representation of their health, endurance, and ability to take damage. During game play it measures how much damage a character can take. When a character is hit they subtract the damage they take from their current stamina. A characters maximum stamina never decreases, and with healing (or fixing for robots), a character can regain any stamina lost.

Each species has a starting stamina. This is what an unskilled adult of the race would have. As a character gains skill and occupations, they increase their maximum stamina. Each stage gives stamina according to the stage stamina of the occupation gained.

The reason for the increase in stamina is that the greater experience of the characters gives him skill in ‘rolling with the punches’. For example, a character with 3 stamina getting hit in the chest with a NST 429 blaster will probably be hit square in the chest with his internal organs splattered behind him. Conversely, a character with 70 stamina getting hit with the same weapon will be ducking in such a way that if he does get hit, he will move so that the blast hits in a less vital area. Additionally, a character's nanoscopic robots contribute to the characters ability to withstand damage.

If a characters current stamina drops to zero or less, they will have to make a consciousness roll. If the stamina drops below -10 for an extended period, then the character is irrevocably dead.

Different Scales of Stamina

For games which revolve around personnel, the only scale of stamina you will usually deal with is small scale stamina. However there are a few others. Here is a list of the different scales of stamina:

Scale Ratio to Small Scale Examples
Small Scale 1 biological beings, robots
Medium Scale 10 battle suits, robots, ships, walkers
Large Scale 100 ships, walkers, bases

Each scale is a factor of ten greater than the previous scale. For example, two stamina in the medium scale equals twenty stamina in the small scale. Additionally, weaponry has a similar scale system. A small scale weapon will do one tenth damage to a medium scale target. The most important rule to remember here is that you must do a full point of damage for there to be any damage at all. For example, if a small scale weapon does 9 points of damage to a medium scale target, it will equal 0.9 of medium scale damage. Because the damage didn't reach a full point, there will be no damage at all. You always round down when calculating damage. If you are Mr. Groten, and punch a medium scale robot for 38 points of damage, it will equal 3 points of medium scale damage. Two separate hits of 0.5 damage each will not total a full point of damage as each hit 'glances off' the target. The reverse situation is obviously easy to calculate. If you have a medium scale 1D laser, a small scale target will take 10 to 60 points of damage.

If a being is medium scale (eg: Herboven) and earns stamina from an occupation, the stamina earned will only be in small scale and must be converted to medium scale. The actual small scale stamina should be kept track of, as additional occupations will add to it, but for combat the medium scale is what is used. For example, consider the stamina earnings of a medium scale Herboven:

Stage Occupation Earned Total Small Scale Stamina Actual Medium Scale Stamina
0 nil 15 1
1 Infantry (+17) 32 3
2 Infantry (+27) 59 5
3 Infantry (+21) 80 8

It is similar for large scale creatures except that to gain 1 point of large scale stamina, they must earn 100 points of small scale stamina through their occupations.