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Setting: AIF Classic

Referee: Dave

Player: Rook - playing a big-eared, tentacle-headed humanoid named Kenjo.


Largely unknown as your first moment of existence is when the game starts.

PLOT 000 - WTF?

The first thing you notice when you wake up is that you're floating in the midst of a large number of tree branches. You're wearing a move pack that is keeping you aloft and you can see a vast city of floating structures beyond the obscuring foliage. There is someone with you - a humanish looking female. Your decent awareness notices that some of the smaller tree branches appear to be going right through her, so either she's some sort of projection, or she has 'issues'. Aside from the move pack, you are also carrying a rifle. Once the humans sees you notice her she says: "Good morning. I'm your orientation artificial intelligence. I'm here to answer basic questions and provide mapping services. Before we discuss things too much, you should be aware that there are likely a number of beings that sensed your beam-in and may be searching for you to engage in target practice.

Kenjo reflexively flares his ears to locate for incoming hostiles, and looks about for a path with decent cover to get the zark out of this area.

"Uh, hello OAI. Show me a map of this region so I can look for the best way to get to safety. Or at least somewhere safer than imminent target practice."

Here's hoping that the controls for the move pack are direct neural interface, and not some physical controls. Or else when it comes time to try using the rifle Kenjo's going to be a sitting duck. Except less duck-y.

I noted that Kenjo's character sheet now sports appropriately incremented stamina, but the bonuses are conspicuously absent. Is there some narrative effect to be worked out? Like whether the duck applies to maneuverability or agility? Because if there's an option, I'm going to pick the one that actually works in this scenario.

You hear a distinct hum of another move pack, probably within 20 meters on the other side of the tree. Beyond that, you can see at least three other people seemingly searching around other trees in this pseudo-forest. The map reveals that you're in a park about a 1/2 km in diameter. Closest route out is towards a pub about 200m away and beyond that there's a corridor coloured green on the map. A legend indicates it's a safe zone. You're currently in a yellow zone.

Engage sneak mode! Which might be surprisingly effective, as I'm contemplating shunting all 5 of Kenjo's stealth points to sneaking. Probably.

OK - first, confirmation on the on the full-sneak deployment of the steal bonus. And thanks for adding the occupation bonuses and equipment.

Being totally dependent on move packs causes a dawning realization for Kenjo. He glances down to see what the possibly ramifications of a "stunned" move pack might be. How far is the potential fall?

Looking down, you see that the park you are in is spherical. There are trees below, above, and around you. Each one is kept afloat by a hover pod at its base. Beyond the trees below you can see the shapes of various structures and buildings, each seemingly floating on their own. You can't see the actual ground because there's too much in the way.

Well, that's vertigo-inducing. With the closest incoming bogey on the opposite side of the nearest tree, what's the best path towards the closest edge of the green zone relative to the available cover? And how far away are those other three bogeys?

And how in the hell did you format the text like that?
*FOUND IT*  Sneaky, and a good way to differentiate.  Does it perhaps make the blockquoting redundant?

Game Night 001 - Escape the park

  • Startled by bird.
  • Snuck away from nearby goon, eventually fought and defeated.
  • Bird Attack!
  • Defeated another goon.
  • Two other goons fought each other. One took a shot at Kenjo while he was leaving the park.
  • Learned about 'killing' with stun weapons. Other limited usefulness conversations with 'gun'.
  • Made it to green zone. Hung out for a while, then went back towards pub.
  • Pub
    • Attacked Takolee that came to talk. Defeated him, but let him live.
    • Attacked by two others - defeated them. Stole and used mini-patches.
    • Experiments with gravity.
  • Takolee (Somaalia) offered participation in a kind of sanctuary. Kenjo declined.
  • On way to clothing store to get better threads.

Plot Infliction 001 - Need style

You can probably avoid most people in this area if you use your monster-sneak. Or, you could wander and see what attention you attract.

Kenjo is going to definitely leverage his powers of discretion to do more watching and observing. If he see's someone - or something - sufficiently interesting, he can gauge whether to risk exposure. Otherwise, he's not going to let all encounters default to random chance, or the urges of the wicked. Or, at lest, no wicked urges other than his own. Kenjo will take a particular interest in those that can spot him - carefully.

Doing some rough mental calculations, the 100-point inflection to getting a marginally-better weapon might be better as a secondary goal. It seems likely that after 20-30 "points" of greens, Kenjo should be professional. At which point, even though the "points" might be easier, the actual experience earned will be undermined. Stages > gear.

Which reminds me, you got a point each for the 2nd stage guys, but only a 1/2 point for the two 1st stage guys in the forest. Clerical error on my part. So your current tally is 4.

You're able to blend and keep to the shadows enough such that most people don't notice you. You spot the occasional person sneaking better than average, and occasionally someone spots you. The people that spot you sneaking quickly turn away as most people with your level of sneak have it through many more stages.

On the way to the clothing store, you come across a notice board. People can post messages on the communicator there, and these messages are broadcast a short distance. A lot of it is random garbage, but there are three job offers.

  • "Yiptak legs wanted! Will pay 5 credits for each Yiptak leg delivered to 'The Harmonic Bite'."
  • "Snowy Beserker infestation at coordinates XYZ that needs to be cleared out. Will pay 1 credit per kill. Require severed major talon as evidence. Maximum 10 per hunter.". Beside that one there's a picture of a 300 kg bird.
  • Offering ten credits for the death or reset of this person. Bastard took my leg. Last seen at coordinates XYZ." Picture of a reptiloid.
Seems you get the funky formatting just by putting a space at the start of the line.

Wait, so if the points are proportional to the relative stage of the opponents... [counts on fingers] that makes the points about the same as experience, and a 100 points would coincide with becoming legendary. That's crazy, yo.

Kenjo checks the local internet to see if there's any more specific information about "Snowy Berserkers".

The single space in front of the text doesn't produce the funky formatting for me.  Might be browser specific.

Snowy Berserkers are large white bird like creatures. About a 4 meter wingspan, with lopsided talons - one is oversized and meant for eviscerating. They seem to have some sort of biological thruster that can allow them to charge around 200 m in a turn to get to their target. They can only do this a couple times before they have to recharge whatever it is that allows them to do it. Typically they're first stage striker, though some of the older ones are 2nd stage. They're carrion eaters, and very territorial. On rare occasions in battle, a berserker will drive itself insane with rage and get two attacks per round.

I think the single space thing doesn't work within a blockquote.


1 credit for each 4-meter winged beastie seems like an ungainly pain in the ass, but Kenjo is disinclined to harvesting Yiptak legs, and the Reptiloid sounds likely to be out of Kenjo's league.

So, let's stealthify towards the region with the giant winged horrors for a look.

The detail that the guns must be passing on to the government in order for them to accurately calculate relative points based on combat stages is a bit daunting if I think about it too much.  That coupled with the obviously impaired areas of possible inquiry creates a depressing and bleak setting.  Well done.

Also - using the "preformatted" type for meta-content, Player - to Ref, rather than Player-as-Character.  As an experiment.  Site's being a little flaky today.

GAME NIGHT 002 - Feb 6, 2019 - Birds!

  • Bird hunting
    • Hunt birds (and fellow hunters)
    • Retreat to non-combat pub.
    • Heal with borrowed med kit.
    • Repeat
  • At one point asked about a Croc Minor with a head wound.
  • Teamed up with Marika for the hunting.

Plot 002 - Job offer

While you and Marika are healing, you get hailed. The header on the hail says it's someone named Phil.

With a casual sweep through Gurly's Pub, Kenjo looks for the source of the hail.

"Hello Phil. What is on your mind?"

The communication is coming from the planetary network.

"Hi. I'm a friend of Somalia's. He said you were a scout and we are in sudden need of one. We think we're going to be attacked and want to scout out an area. Problem is, the attackers might recognize anyone we send, and that might provoke the attack early. But they won't recognize you. And you could probably sneak in unnoticed anyway. Can you help?"

"Well Phil, that is quite an interesting situation that you describe, if a bit vague and generalized. I might be able to help, if you can clarify a few factors for me. First, what is the area in question? Location and features. Second, do you have any suspicions about who or what might be attacking you? Mostly, if you have any enemies that you know of, and how powerful they might be. Like, what makes you suspect that you are about to be attacked? If you've recently pissed off a local mafia Don known for having an army of seasoned assassins on his payroll, that'll affect things. Which brings me to the third thing I want to know: how much does this job pay?"

In person, Kenjo will lean over to Marika and mutter, "Getting pinged for a scouting job." Just to build up the reputation of being transparent, because it's likely that Kenjo would have had some "I'm having a non-vocal conversation" tells that Marika noticed anyway.

Meanwhile, Kenjo also sends a terse text message to Somaalia. "Hey, do you know somebody named Phil?"

You get no response from Somalia.

Phil: "The area is about 150 km from us." You get transmitted coordinates. It's about 200 km east and lower in altitude from your location. "They're another enclave we've had friction with. They have more of a hunter mentality than us, but so far they've left us alone. They mostly hunt people who wander into their territory. It's sport to them. Anyway, a number of our recruiters, including Somalia, have gone dark recently. It's possible the other enclave is capturing them to learn of our defenses."

"We'd like you go sneak into their territory and see if they are mobilizing for a large scale assault. We're not great tacticians here, so we don't know what that might look like. Anything that looks out of the ordinary could be relevant."

"We can pay you 50 credits".

Internally: "Hey gun, pull up what mapping data exists for the area around [coordinates given]." Kenjo will be looking for number of possible approaches via green corridors. Then Kenjo will see if there's any location-specific news that he can dredge up with his limited skills.

To Phil: "I'll give it a try. 25 credits up front, the rest based on information I can gather. Any idea the general vicinity that Somalia was - or was supposed to be - when he went dark?"

Kenjo will also follow up with Marika. "Not sure this is up your alley; it involves sneaking into territory of an enclave the likes to hunt down randoms for sport. Not sure how that makes the territory functionally different from anywhere else on this planet, but it does have an ominous aspect to it. Doesn't pay great, either. But I'd be willing to split it with you for the backup if you were keen to try."

Phil hesitates: "Somalia was at a pub the last we heard - he was probably on his way back." You get sent coordinates of the pub you met him at. "We'll pay you 10 up front and 40 when you report in."

Marika: "I've seen you sneak... I would just be holding you back. I think I'll do some exploring and maybe when you get back, call me and we can do some more bird hunting."

"Good to hear that you're not suicidal, Marika. Keep in touch."

Looking up the map, how far is that original pub from the zone of the purported aggressive enclave?

To Phil: "While I'm possibly not totally clear on the market value of missions on this planet, 50 credits strikes me as pretty lowball to start with. Taking half up front is just customary. Are you guys able to cover the cost of this reconnaissance?"

Kenjo will also look up the approximate location of the enclave that Phil works with, just, you know, for reference.

GAME NIGHT 003 - Sometime Last Week - Sneak Fight Heal Sneak Kill Kill

  • Agreed to job.
  • Side job to kill chefs.
  • Got distracted by Croc Minor with an actual non-stun weapon.
  • Healing eats up some time.
  • Made way to enemy enclave. Had to kill some people en route.
  • No sign of large group mobilizing. Chased away from central bar by bouncer.

Plot 003 - Ha ha ha

Where the hell did that week go?