Will Power

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Will Power represents a characters ability to exert his will, both over himself and others. It is used in numerous places during game play.

Discourse - trying to get others to see things your way often involves a contest of will power.

Consciousness - when driven below zero stamina or receiving a hit to the vitals, a will power roll should be made.

Self Control - if the character has to overcome an intense urge to do something, like run away or lose their temper, they will often have to make a will power roll. This is usually rolling two dice to get equal to or under the will power. If the task is more difficult, the referee may opt to make to character roll two dice and add it to their will power to beat a total the referee has in mind. If the will power roll fails, then the character will succumb to the urge.

To determine a character's will power using Classic™ rules, roll 1D6 and add any species modifiers that may exit. Otherwise, it is determined by points assigned in the custom being generator. This is your starting will power. Each stage (10 experience) your character has will increase the will power by 1. Also, stages in the following occupations will give a bonus in will power: Leader and Lunatic.