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Xoids make excellent 'bad guys', especially when playing a game with ship combat. They are simple to use, having only one driving motivation - 'conquer'. Xoids have been active in AIF history extensively with the most recent occurrence being the invasion of the Second Galaxy.

Most of the games we have done which involve Xoids, have leaned towards a military operation. Currently in the Second Galaxy there is a stand off between the Xoids and the Reich. The immense combat zone is near the galactic core, and there are battles happening constantly with forces from both sides occasionally breaking through the opposing line. This opens the arena for every kind of combat imaginable - personnel, fighter, walker, cruiser, or larger.

There is no doubt that a Xoid is a tough opponent. Their natural armour and large size make them effective ground combatants, while their ships are usually unsurpassed in ability. They make an excellent challenge to combat oriented characters.

Species Description

StrengthAverage (3) - Hypernormal (7)
SpeedSlow (1) - Average (3)
AgilityClumsy (1) - Average (3)
IntelligenceSubnormal (0) - Genius (6)
Size2 - 3 m., 200 - 600 kg.

Xoids appear like bulky, bipedal insect-like beings. They have a lumpish head with a single compound eye staring forward. Their entire outer surface is covered with a thick carpus armour. A Xoid has impressive strength especially when considering their size, but lack in speed and agility. They have a wide range of intelligence, from the genius level down to semi-intelligent.

The personality of a Xoid is quite flat and simple, with a touch of contempt for other races. Their aggressive tendencies usually show themselves when dealing with a large cohesive group of Xoids.

Xoid physiology is often compared to the internal structure of modern droids. Certain aspects of their anatomy resemble an organic equivalent to robotic components. Also, Xoid technology has long baffled scientists. Their ships, tools, and weapons all have a similarity to both Xoid structure and the structure of other life forms. While mechanical, these devices are partially organic, and some theorise that they are, on a very simple level, alive.

Rogue Zoids

When a Xoid is crippled in battle, one of three things may happen to it. One: the Xoid is skilled enough to warrant the regeneration of its body. Two: the Xoid is taken and recycled. Three: the Xoid is abandoned and left to fend for itself. In cases where the Xoid is abandoned, the most often occurrence is that it dies, either from it's injuries or at the hands of the opposing force. Occasionally though, the Xoid survives and manages to get away to safety. Now, it should be noted that a Xoid will be abandoned only after extreme damage, such as the loss of major limbs or severe internal injuries. The Xoid mindset prioritises the whole, not the individual, thus a Xoid will be abandoned if the effort required to rescue and regenerate him outweigh the gains from his continued service to the Xoid forces.

If a Xoid is abandoned and manages to survive, its first goal will be to repair itself. Because of the similarities between Xoid anatomy and modern robots, the easiest way for a Xoid to repair itself is through the use of robotic components. Limbs and internal organs are thus replaced with robotic equivalents, often with enhancements and modifications from the original Xoid form.

The most likely event that happens next is the Xoid tries to return to service in the Xoid forces. They attempt to earn status enough to replace their robotic appendages with regenerated Xoid body parts. However, occasionally, the Xoid is unwilling to return to his native people. It is at this point when he becomes a Rogue Xoid.

Obviously, Rogue Xoids are rare. Of the Xoids that are abandoned, about 1% survive, about 1% of those manage to repair themselves sufficiently, and about 0.1% of those don't try to return to the Xoid forces. What causes these Xoids to strike out on their own is unknown. There have been many theories, most revolving about the Xoids considering themselves impure because of the robotic components. As far as is known, no undamaged Xoids have ever become rogues.

Rogue Xoids will always have some robotic body parts, often modified and enhanced for specialised use. The longer they are away from their Xoid brethren, the more their personality develops from the flat simple attitudes of most Xoids. They develop a wide range of goals, ideals, and motives and tend to spread outward through space. They retain the Xoid nomadic nature and rarely stay in one place for too long.