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  • A form of the Confederation still exists
  • In early robots, a small % were able to copy their consciousness to a new body and not have the new mind assert its independence from the original. The old and new minds were able to sync their memories repeatedly.
  • Many of these robots excelled in the Galactic Wars and, through a series of upgrades, ended up as giant cruiser-sized robots with support craft being all of the same mind.
  • Xoids defeated, Old Earth toast, etc.
  • Super-gestalt robots call themselves Protectors.
  • Skills are not transferrable to a new mind, only memories.
  • MBA outlawed, psionic technology supressed.
  • Protectors have a typical range of personalities. Many fight amongst themselves.
  • Multiple levels of stamina - micro, personnel, intermediate, ship, and levels greater than ship. Kind of a technological race amongst the Protectors to recreate themselves in ever higher levels of stamina.