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NOTE: Possibly either redacted or to be replaced.
Intelligence Requirement:Simple (1)
Stage Stamina:Nil
Bonuses: usually none

It is unrealistic to think that everyone in the known universe is going to have combat skills, scientific knowledge, or any of the other abilities described in the other occupations. There are going to be poets, painters, chefs, sculptors, writers, musicians, and an uncountable number of other tradesmen. For this reason, we have the occupation of artist.

Artist can mean any number of skills. Anything that isn’t included in the other standard occupations can be here. You can be an artist of music, an artist of cooking food, an artist of making clothing, just to name a few. What you want your artist skills to be is completely up to the player and referee.

Usually, Artist is either used to round off a character or for non-player characters and background population. Actually earning a stage of artist in a game will usually involve a game where the characters are out of action for long periods of time. Try to think of artist as not just knowing how to do something, but being really, really good at it, or having a passion for it. Stages of artist can really add flavor and interest to a character.

Another use for artist is to go beyond the maximum stages rating for most occupations. Once a character cannot go up any more stages in an occupation they can become an artist in that occupation. They will not get any of the bonuses associated with the occupation, but will gain a significant amount of style or prestige in their chosen field.

If a referee wishes, he may assign a small bonus of his own choosing to the occupation of artist. The bonus should apply to the type of artist the being is. A fashion artist will not gain any type of combat bonuses whatsoever, however a con-artist may gain a +1 bonus to persuade.