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For as long as most remember, the vampires had never warred amongst themselves. They were content to stay in the shadows of civilization and their rarity made it so that they seldom encountered each other. Human’s were plentiful enough that they could hunt at their leisure and it was accepted that a vampire only sired a new vampire once they were nearing the end of their natural life.

However, a couple centuries ago, the Human numbers began to explode. They had discovered the vast power of fossil fuels and with them were able to slowly increase their numbers tenfold. With so much food at their disposal, the vampires also started to increase their numbers. Some warned that the Human population explosion was unsustainable, but they were largely ignored.

The Human’s grew their numbers to almost ten billion before the great famine came. Within a scant few decades, famine and war caused their numbers to plummet to a small fraction of their former size.

This posed a big problem for the vampires. Suddenly there wasn’t enough food to go around. The humans have largely settled at their lower level of activity, but if all the vampires currently alive were to continue feeding, the Human’s would eventually die off completely. Vampires would shortly follow.

The young vampires tried to band together and agree on rationing the humans. Some even set up some human farms. Some of the older vampires, who had warned about the potential problem with creating so many vampires, had a simpler solution – reduce the vampire numbers. They organized amongst themselves and then started a genocidal war against the young ones.

Another complication is that in all the vampire chaos, the humans have figured out that in fact vampires DO exist, and they are taking steps to defend themselves.

Being A Vampire

A human gets 25 points from the point system, but when they are turned, they get an additional 10 points for a total of 35. MBA is available to a vampire, and they must spend 0 to 5 points on their appearance – where 5 points means you look exactly human and 0 points means you are a monstrosity, unable to blend in with human society.

If you go into sunlight, you will not burst into flames, but you will take damage. Direct sunlight will cause 1 point of burning damage per turn, and ambient sunlight will cause 1D6 per hour.

Vampires heal 1D6 per day natural healing. Feeding on a Human will cause a vampire to enter a state of regeneration where they will heal 1 point per turn. It takes 2D+Will Power > 25 to stop yourself once you’ve started feeding. Draining a typical human will put a vampire into this state for about an hour. A vampire can survive about 2 weeks without feeding, but after about a week the natural healing stops and you have extreme lethargy.

While not immortal, a vampire can live to be 500 years old.

Vampire Lore

Lessons from a Vampire mystic. Treated as mythology by modern day Vampires.

Our reality is made up of four distinct realms. Two of them are physical and two are of consciousness. Our physical realm is the Realm of Order. The other physical realm is the Realm of Chaos. We know little of that realm, except it is there that the demons reside.

Each physical realm has its own companion realm of consciousness. Whenever a living entity is created a spark of the realm of consciousness is bestowed upon it. Upon death, the spark is returned to its realm. For most life, nothing returns with the spark and it is as it was when it first came to our realm. It blends in with the great sea of thought and doesn’t retain any individuality. But for life with a high level of consciousness, like ourselves and the humans, it is possible that our thoughts and individuality can survive the journey back after we die.

In the Realm of Chaos, the demons have their own companion realm of consciousness and the thoughts of all their life come from there.

It terms of consciousness, Vampires are a hybrid. While most of our consciousness comes from the Realm of Order’s companion realm, a small portion of it comes from the Realm of Chaos’ companion realm. When a Human is turned, a bit of Chaos consciousness is pulled into them.

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