C.O.G. Setting: Neverland

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A setting in the COG system. A take on the classic Peter Pan environment.


4 continents, plus 1000’s of small islands surrounding a circular section of ocean. Northern continent is inhabited by Indians, western continent is inhabited by semi-industrial London style city at the coast and medieval Europe type surroundings. Eastern continent is arid, volcanic and largely uninhabited and the southern continent is ice covered.

The 1000 islands all have numerous natural springs that have magical properties. Drinking regularly will slow your aging process to a crawl: 1 year aging per century. It’s known as "Spring Water" None of the continents have these springs. The islands are the home of the Lost Boys

The circular sea at the center of the 1000 islands is known as "The Portal". Over the years, ships from the mainland (ie: Earth) have magically appeared there. These ships are stranded here and are the source of all humans in Neverland. A lot of the ships are still in use, either trading or raiding villiages on the North and West continents.


Humans, Fairies, Merpeople, Beasts.


Fairies can produce fairly dust. The first time you use it you have to concentrate on a certain emotion (eg: happy thought) to associate the magic to a certain mental state. From then on a dose of fairly dust will allow you to fly. Each turn you are flying you must make a 10 on a will power roll to concentrate on your emotional state. (Will Power + 0 to 4 D6). When able to fly, your maneuverability will be the same as your agility. Movement is Speed + 10 + Dice. No minimum movement issues, everyone can hover.


Harsh wounding: head, chest, and stomach wounds are all mortal. However, the Spring Water has magical healing properties. Taking a drink will heal you 1 point and stop a mortal wound. People who are saturated enough to stop the aging process can heal a point without needing the Spring Water - by rolling a will power roll of 15 (Will Power + 0 to 4 D6).


Swords mostly. Metal is somewhat scarce and weapons are of poor quality. Guns often have a negative to hit. Clubs and Bow/Arrows are common.


Attempt at armour rules #8

Each piece of armour has 3 numbers:

  • Strength
  • Coverage
  • Stamina


Strength required to use it. No encumberance penalties if you can use the armour.


A value between 2 and 7. If you hit someone wearing armour, a second placement role is made (1D6). If you get greater or equal to the armour's coverage, you bypass it completely and hit the target underneath. Beating a target by 20 is automatic unless the armour's coverage is 7. Coverage on a helmet of 5,6 or 7 will reduce your awareness by 5.


If you hit armour and do damage (before aggressor modifiers) less than it's stamina, it bounces off and doesn't hurt anything. So, armour with a stamina of 7 is immune to 1D weapons. If you do equal or more than the stamina of the armour, the armour absorbs the stamina, is destroyed, and the target underneath takes whatever damage is left over. It's all or nothing with an armour's stamina, so you don't have to keep track of what it's current stamina is.